2nd Annual Cincy Meat Week Schedule

February 2, 2016 - bbq set

( Cincinnati, Ohio ) – Cincy Meat Week has announced a Official “Pit” Stop Schedule for a 2nd Annual “Tour de BBQ” eventuality to take place in a Greater Cincinnati area from Sunday, Jan 31 by Sunday, Feb 7.

Cincy Meat Week is a internal section of a inhabitant week-long holiday clinging to a jubilee of grilled meats determined in Tallahassee, Florida in 2005. 2015 was a initial eventuality for a Cincy Meat Week section as a thought was introduced to a Porkopolis and a clan of insatiable beef seekers formed.

BBQ is sepulchral with some-more than 30 establishments portion smoked meats in a Greater Cincinnati Area,” pronounced Cincy Meat Week Captain Justin Tabas, “there is a large hum for a eventuality in a BBQ village this year. We have set adult a good report of meateries that will embody dark gems, foe grand champions, smoker tours, tips and tricks from pitmasters, a CollaBBQ ‘Pit’ stop with Columbus Meat Week, and of march some of a best BBQ in a city!”



Sunday 1/31/16 @ 1pm – Pontiac Bourbon BBQ – 1403 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH 45202

Monday 2/1/16 @ 7pm – Jim Dandy’s Family BBQ – 2243 E. Sharon Rd., Sharonville, OH 45241

Tuesday 2/2/16 @ 6pm – Just Q’in – 6901 Valley Ave, Newtown, OH 45244

Wednesday 2/3/16 @ 7pm – Velvet Smoke BBQ – 10515 New Haven Rd., Harrison, OH 45030

Thursday 2/4/16 @ 7pm – Woots BBQ – 5826 Cheviot Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45247

Friday 2/5/16 @ 7:30pm – Butt Shack BBQ Grill – 4 Endicott St., Cincinnati, OH 45218

Saturday 2/6/16 @ 12pm – Midwest Best BBQ – 7832 Glendale Milford Rd., Camp Dennison, OH 45111

Sunday 2/7/16 @ 1pm – Eli’s BBQ – 3313 Riverside Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45226 – #SuperBBQSunday


New in 2016, we will also foster BONUS Cincy Meat Week Lunch Specials during several locations including Huit Craft BBQ, Rib City Springdale, Walt’s Barbeque in all 3 locations and more! MEAT UP with Cincy Meat Week for 8 days of BBQ tranquillity starting Sunday Jan 31st! Follow Cincy Meat Week on Facebook during www.facebook.com/CincyMeatWeek for updates and info. Visit a website during www.meatweek.com/cities/cincinnati.

About Meat Week:

Meat Week is a usually inhabitant week-long holiday clinging to a jubilee of grilled meats. Started in 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida by co-workers Chris Cantey and Erni Walker, Meat Week has now widespread opposite a country. Some years there have been as many as 15-20 cities celebrating Meat Week with their possess chapters.

Meat Week always starts a final Sunday in January. For 8 nights straight, friends and strangers comparison accumulate to eat BBQ. The “Captain” of any city creates a report including 8 opposite BBQ restaurants to revisit for a week. Many people attend all 8 nights of Meat Week, though no one other than a captain and/or initial partner are approaching to. There are also copiousness of vegetarians in attendance, including a few vegetarian captains. Most of them come for a intercourse though stay for a sides.

There are no “rules” to Meat Week, though there are copiousness of traditions that have developed over a years. One of a strange traditions is that of “meatography.” Everyone who attends Meat Week gets a print with their beef any night. We also get a large organisation print underneath a restaurant’s sign.

At a core, this holiday is about togetherness. Gathering over BBQ harkens behind to a family’s traditions. It’s not a correct and correct meal, it’s a down-home hang-out. Everyone can let their hair down and be themselves during a BBQ restaurant. We revelry in a fact that so many people have latched on to this holiday and done it their own. Meat Week started with a integrate of friends formulating a new tradition, and it’s grown to an eventuality that creates us feel tighten to people we’ve never even met. For one week out of a year, we get to see a friends each singular night, demeanour during cinema of a brethren in opposite cities, and bask in a greasy heat of tasty smoked meats. We get to see peoples’ artistic sides and their senses of humor, that unequivocally come by in their hype. More than anything, this holiday is about an American tradition that is alive and well, and deserves to be distinguished all year long. But, we know, we also value a colons, so we fist this jubilee into an eventuality that keeps us from experiencing those post-Christmas blues. Soon as New Year’s is behind us, we’re prepared to eat meat, repeat.

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