5 reasons Google Home should be during your subsequent BBQ

July 3, 2018 - bbq set

It’s finally summer, that can usually meant one thing – it’s time to break out a grill. After we dirt it off and give it a thorough cleaning, it’s time to start formulation your subsequent backyard barbecue.

Did we know that your Google Home ($129 during Crutchfield) orator can assistance we griddle some juicy burgers? Here are 5 ways a Google Home can flog things adult a notch.

Set mixed timers

The Google Home is a very proficient timer. Just say, “OK, Google, timer,” to emanate your initial timer. You can also get a small some-more specific by saying, “OK, Google, emanate a 5-minute griddle timer.”

From there, we can make some-more timers for opposite things. For instance, we could make a timer for vouchsafing a griddle comfortable up, one when we noise some steaks on a grill, another for when we should flip and one some-more for when a steaks should come off heat.

Build a grocery list

Use a Google Home to build your grocery list for your subsequent cookout. Just contend something like, “Hey, Google, supplement ribs to my selling list.” You can do this for anything we wish to supplement to your list, and we can perspective a list by opening Google Assistant and going to Explore Settings Shopping List.

If we don’t have an additional prolonged selling list, we can also use reminders. Google rolled out location-based reminders recently. For instance, we could say, “OK, Google, remind me to collect adult skewers while I’m during a grocery store,” or, “Hey, Google, remind me to buy corn while I’m during Target.” You’ll get a pull presentation on your phone when we arrive during those locations.

Watch your griddle from afar

If we have a lot of credentials to do while we cook, we can let a connected beef thermometer be your eyes and ears while we step divided from a grill. Google Home works with thermometers and heat controllers like the TempoChef, FireBoard and Flame Boss.

With one of these inclination connected to your Google Assistant or Google Home, we can only say, “OK, Google, speak to FireBoard and set my smoker to 225 degrees,” or, “OK, Google, ask TempoChef, what is a heat of my brisket?”

Get drink and booze pairings

If you’re carrying a garland of guest over, it’s good to have a preference of beverages for everyone. To go a additional mile, use a Google Home to get booze and drink pairings to go with a food you’re cooking.

To get drink pairings, use Food My Beer. It can tell we what food pairs good with a specific beer. Or use Wine Master or Wine Guide to see that red is best for that steak. For cocktails, use The Bartender or Tender.

Set a mood

Nothing says awkward, tedious griddle like worried silence. Break a ice with some credentials music. Drag out a prolongation cord and move your Google Home orator into a behind yard for a evening.

Throw on some hits or classics while we griddle and everybody mingles, afterwards switch to a chill, relaxing playlist and reduce a volume when it’s time to eat. Best of all, we don’t have to worry about wiping all that griddle salsa on your hands first.

How to griddle smarter: Consider this your beam to cooking like a pro during your subsequent BBQ.

What kind of griddle should we buy? Here’s how to collect a good griddle this summer.


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