5 ways Alexa can assistance during your subsequent BBQ

June 26, 2018 - bbq set

You know that Alexa speakers are good all around your house. They’re surprisingly accessible in a bathroom, make a illusory bedside list accessory and can help we ready in a kitchen.

But what about outward a house? Your Alexa orator can lend a palm during your subsequent barbecue, only squeeze your Echo Dot and a energy bank and fire adult a grill. Here are 5 ways Alexa can assistance we turn a genuine pitmaster.

Build a grocery list

One of a best ways your Alexa orator can assistance we devise your subsequent backyard griddle is by assisting we remember all we need to collect adult from a store. It can do this in one of dual ways: shopping and to-do lists or reminders.

To build your selling list, only contend something like, “Alexa, supplement side steak.” Alexa will commend that we wish flank steak combined to your selling list. You can supplement your whole selling list this approach as we remember a equipment we need to collect adult from a store. You’ll find this list by opening a Alexa app (Android, iOS), drumming a hamburger symbol on a left to enhance a menu, and selecting Lists.

You can also two-way sync a lists we build regulating Alexa with Any.do, AnyList, Cozi Lists, Picniic Todoist. Or we can emanate an IFTTT applet to sync with other concordant to-do or list apps of your choosing.

Reminders will also work in a identical fashion. Just say, “Alexa, remind me to get propane on Saturday morning during 9 a.m..” At 9 9 9 a.m. on Saturday, a orator will light adult with a presentation and you’ll accept a pull presentation on your phone.

Alexa’s ‘Grilling Time and Heat Settings’

If you’re swelling your wings and training to griddle new things this year, ask Alexa how we should ready opposite forms of meat, fish and vegetables.

To do this, capacitate a Grilling Time and Heat Settings skill, afterwards say, “Alexa, launch barbecuing guide.” Alexa will ask what you’re perplexing to ready and it will give we a endorsed ready times and feverishness (low, middle or high) for that specific food. It will also tell we either it should be baked on approach or surreptitious heat.


Once we know how to ready your sirloin, chuck a confederate on a griddle and use Alexa as a hands-free timer (perfect when your hands are messy). Just say, “Alexa, start a beef timer for 8 minutes.” Once a timer is up, flip a steaks and start another.

If you’ve got veggies cooking off approach heat, we can make a second timer for those so we know when we should check in on them.

Connected beef thermometers

If you’re cooking your meats low and delayed in a smoker or particle grill, we can use Alexa-compatible intelligent thermometers to keep an eye on a heat of a griddle or smoker and a beef while we do other things to ready for your barbecue.

FireBoard, for example, is a connected beef thermometer with probes for adult to 6 opposite heat readings. There’s also an Alexa skill we can use to remotely guard a temperatures. CyberQ Cloud is a connected griddle heat controller and digital beef thermometer that also integrates with Alexa regulating a skill.

Get booze pairings and cocktail ideas

After we name what dishes you’re cooking, deliberate with Alexa to get suggested booze and drink pairings for your barbecueWine Finder is a ability that gives booze pairings for a far-reaching preference of opposite meals. Just say, “Alexa, ask Wine Finder to advise a booze for primary rib.”

Similarly, The Bartender can assistance advise cocktails and tell we how to make them. Or we can use Mixologist to find cocktail suggestions formed on a specific form of liquor.


Want ideal beef each time? Sous vide it first, afterwards finish on a grill.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Sous vide before we grill

Sous vide is a good approach to get that low-and-slow beef love but monitoring a smoker all day long. It’s accurate and elementary to use — something we can set and forget. And one of a best ways to finish off a sous vide beef is by withering it on a grill.

The Joule can confederate with your Alexa orator regulating a skill that lets we control and guard a soak circulator hands-free. And don’t worry, a Joule ability will tell we how prolonged and during what heat we should ready all sorts of things.

If we sous vide steaks during your subsequent backyard barbecue, only go forward and devise on it apropos a unchanging thing. It will really be a hit, and your friends will be entrance behind for more.

How to griddle smarter: Consider this your beam to cooking like a pro during your subsequent BBQ.

CNET Smart Home: We remade a genuine residence into a exam lab for a hottest difficulty in tech.

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