A Day in a Life of an Ocean City BBQ Employee

June 8, 2018 - bbq set

Bustling restaurants. Crowded streets. Salty air. Ocean City, Maryland in a summer time. A vast apportionment of vacationing consists of cuisine and dining out. As many tourists group to a shores of a tiny beach city, we should commend a efforts a locals put in by a restaurant, hotel, and many other summer jobs.

Smoker’s BBQ Pit: A tack of West Ocean City given 1996.

One of those restaurants being Smoker’s BBQ Pit in West Ocean City located along Route 611. Pulling adult to Smoker’s, we and we will have vastly opposite though identical experiences. we have been an worker during Smoker’s BBQ for 6 summers now. When we lift into a drive along a pebbled road, a nostrils are filled with a revealing aroma of BBQ salsa and hazed air. While business customarily will park in a front, we will park in a behind in a worker parking. we will travel in a behind doorway and be greeted by a smiling face of my trainer Denise, while we will sequence during a front opposite with a smiling face of Denise. (If there was an Ocean City’s Best Boss award, she would win it.) 

As an sequence gets taken a line cooks ready a food — barbecuing and frying and spasmodic singing. Then a food gets wrapped and bagged and afterwards sent off to you, a customer, when your personification label gets called and your sequence is stage up. And in a behind of a grill there will be a dishwasher ‘hopefully’ tough during work, a boys breading a duck and fish and scheming and smoking a meats – rib, pig butt, and brisket – and a girls creation and scheming a sides, salads, and cornbread. 

Smoker’s employees on a 4th of July.

Smoker’s BBQ is some-more like a family afterwards a set of employees. Most of us have been operative with any other for a prolonged time; many of us come behind year after year. It is a fun environment,  we all get along, and to tip it off we run like a good oiled appurtenance during this point. So conduct over to Smoker’s BBQ when we wish some family character hazed grill or a sip of Southern comfort.

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