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May 3, 2015 - bbq set

MILLERSBURG — Tanner Poff’s idea was flattering basic: He only wanted to grill a ideal steak.

He’s come a prolonged approach given he set that idea some-more than 10 years ago.

With a assistance of a longtime crony and associate grill addict Nathan Pendley, Poff has done grill his profession. He and Pendley, both West Albany High School graduates, have non-stop The Oregon Barbecue Co. in Millersburg, a drive-through preference of ribs, pulled pork, brisket and sausage.

“When we initial attempted to grill we couldn’t even light a charcoal,” pronounced Poff, 32.

Now he’s adult as early as 1:30 each morning feeding ash logs into a tradition smoker and readying a beef for a day’s menu. His hunt for a ideal beef has led to what business cruise near-perfect barbecue. Getting to work with his childhood crony is only a bonus.

“We grew adult together, played sports together and went to propagandize together,” pronounced Poff. “It creates clarity that we would go in together on this.”

Pendley pronounced both started out as backyard barbecuers though by a support of friends and family who had tasted their creations, they took a subsequent steps.

“We pacifist into it,” pronounced Pendley, 33. “We explored each aspect and started to strike a competitions around a Northwest about dual years ago.”

It paid off. They schooled from a experts and shortly were producing award-winning barbecue. People were perfectionist their food.

“It seemed like we had to find a approach to feed a public,” Pendley said.

They started by catering for friends and specific events. That grown into a mobile food cart, and for 7 months they were means to set adult during Deluxe Brewing on Water Avenue in Albany. Pendley pronounced that was a large boost.

“The people during Deluxe helped us a lot. Being there got a feet on a belligerent in a business world,” Pendley said.

Their time during Deluxe authorised a twin to learn their systems, figure out a business side of things and ideal their products.

“It was a good training experience,” Poff said. “Getting a hang of use and a altogether pressures of a business was important.”

So was removing a permanent structure. They looked for sites that would fit their needs. When they came on a small, colorful building for franchise on a corner of Millersburg, they knew it was their spot.

The purplish building during 744 Old Salem Road N.E. is easy to mark and only a right size. Pendley pronounced it is a tiny though applicable 600 block feet of space.

Oregon Barbecue Co. is particularly a drive-through operation now, though that could change by summer. Poff and Pendley devise to transparent a site adjacent a building and supplement cruise tables and chairs to emanate a family atmosphere.

“That is something we wish to emphasize,” Pendley said. “To us grill is about family.”

Poff pronounced live song and additional days of operation, privately Saturday, will be partial of a expansion. The business now is a Monday-through-Friday business. Hours are varied. Doors open during 11 a.m. daily though they don’t tighten until a food is gone.

“Sometimes it can be open to 5 p.m. and infrequently until 8,” Pendley said.

They prepare all their grill on a reverse-flow smoker that is fed from a 1,000 gallon tank. It has a home-style stove on one finish that accepts their ash logs and fuels a cooking surface. It is identical to a array they used during competitions.

From start to finish, their meats take about 12 hours to complete. They are slathered in dual salsas grown by Poff. One is a normal red Kansas City-style salsa and a other is their bullion sauce, that has a mustard and vinegar base. They’re also operative on building something a small some-more spicy.

They have set aside a small time to continue to contest in certain Northwest competitions, and they also devise to keep their catering business going, nonetheless toned down.

“Our time is a small parsimonious now. We do wish to keep providing a catering service,” Pendley said. “We wish to do some-more with a village as well.”

They have already helped lift income for specific events and are deliberation conducting grill classes. Information will shortly be accessible on a revamped website during and they take calls during 541-704-7333 or emails during

“We don’t cut corners,” Poff said, “and we’re training each day.”

Pendley pronounced that carrying a business located where they grew adult is important.

“To be means to do this in a village we grew adult in is awesome,” he said. “It’s critical to us and we wish to be a partial of it and give back.”

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