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January 17, 2018 - bbq set

A digest of a Summerhill plan / Rendering from Carter Developments

On a heels of a news that a ancestral Summerhill area in Atlanta is removing a new coffee shop and brewery comes a proclamation that a group behind The General Muir is set to move grill to a area.

Todd Ginsberg, Shelley Sweet and Jennifer and Ben Johnson will open Wood’s Chapel BBQ during 85 Georgia Ave. in late 2018. The 4 are also partners in Fred’s Meat Bread, Yalla, The Canteen and TGM Bread, and Sweet and a Johnsons are also partners in West Egg Café.

Named for one of a initial churches to offer a Summerhill village immediately following a Civil War, Wood’s Chapel will use wood-fired pits to ready an endless grill menu including whole sow and brisket barbecue.

“I consider any cook fantasizes about doing a grill place,” Ginsberg pronounced in a prepared statement. “It is that simple attribute between wood, fire, and meat. Our idea with Wood’s Chapel is identical to what we have finished during The General Muir: respect normal dishes with a high spin of execution while during a same time pulling some bounds with peoples’ expectations of what this form of grill can be.”

Ginsberg skeleton to prominence a best of any beef — for instance, a whole sow grill will simulate a North Carolina style, while a brisket will simulate a Texas style. In further to grill plates with beef and sides, Wood’s will offer a sandwich menu that will potentially embody boiled smoked catfish, a grill chronicle of a Cuban, a lamb swell cemita and a brisket grilled cheese on bread from TGM Bread.

The grill will also underline a special weekend brunch menu and desserts regulating recipes from Ben’s family, including TwoMama’s Peach Pie during pink season.

Jennifer pronounced Ben, who she’s been married to for 20 years, was mostly a procedure behind wanting to open Wood’s.

“He’s been wanting to do a grill grill all his life,” she said. That dream became a probability a year ago when a restaurateurs were approached about removing concerned in a Summerhill development.

The 5,200 square-foot grill will also embody a “really active” square “that will spur a travel area,” Jennifer said.

Wood’s will be partial of a 72-acre site being redeveloped by Carter, Oakwood Development and Healey Weatherholtz Properties with Georgia State University as a anchor. Part of a plan will spin 35 acres into a mixed-use area including offices, multifamily apartments, tyro apartments, and area grill and retail.

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Halfway Crooks Brewing and Blending recently announced skeleton to open on a Georgia Avenue corridor.


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