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January 10, 2018 - bbq set

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Ralph and Trish Zarker had a rough highway in 2017, with their business changing over from Aaron’s Barbecue to Bandit’s BBQ Catering. 
Back in 2013, a integrate became owners of longtime Copperas Cove business Aaron’s Smoke House on Avenue D, though in Mar 2017, had to tighten adult shop.
Ralph, late military, already had his sights set on reopening a business after a closure final spring. 
“When we knew they weren’t going to assistance us out with a building, we had talked to a Home Base guys,” Zarker said. When a Home Base domicile member came to Copperas Cove before to their store’s opening, they paid a Zarkers a revisit during Aaron’s, favourite what they saw, and a rest was history. 
“They said, ‘If we ever get a trailer, would we mind opening here?’, and we said, ‘No problem,’” Zarker added. “We knew we had a place, we only had to get a trailer and get it built.” 
Ralph pronounced there were obstacles to removing a tradition trailer outfitted, with a trailer outfitters being busier in a summer, followed by hurricanes in late Aug and early September. 
“They get a lot of their tools from overseas, so a lot of that things got tied up,” Zarker said. “Also, we weren’t unequivocally set adult for catering until a trailer was done.”
Now reopened this past tumble as Bandit’s BBQ, a business is losing no time to recover a balance in a parking lot of Home Base each Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. 
Zarker pronounced he arrives with a trailer about 4 a.m. and that all a meats, solely a brisket, are prepared on with his Schmokers tradition pit. 
The menu stays a same with a accumulation of smoked meats to embody brisket, duck and pork, with a same sides reduction a immature beans and collard greens that were formerly served. 
Carryovers on a sides embody a Zarkers’ smoked mac and cheese, pinto beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. Trish pronounced all is finished from scratch, solely for a noodles.
One patron favorite also being served is Trish’s plate, that consists of smoked mac and cheese, smothered with chopped brisket, and Trish came adult with a idea. She pronounced she found a cheese in a mac and cheese a “little too smoky,” though found that a grill salsa in a chopped brisket finished a season ideal for her. 
Ralph pronounced former business have found them, even with a business’ new name. 
“They commend Trish first,” he said. “Very few commend me, means I’m always stranded in a window.” They keep their business present on their Facebook page with unchanging updates. For example, they were open Thanksgiving weekend, though served a singular menu of sandwiches. 
Ralph grown his adore of grill and smoking beef after high school, and via his troops travels, continued it. “From England to Georgia to New Jersey, I’ve finished barbecue.”
The business is named after a couple’s dog, Bandit, who, when he was a puppy, enjoyed eating a grill fed to him by members of Ralph’s unit. 
“I walked out and we saw Bandit’s swell full and they were throwing him barbecue,” Trish said. “It was Bandit approved.”
The integrate also caters and can be reached during 254-248-7690. Bandit’s BBQ websites are and 

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