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December 4, 2015 - bbq set

“Should we try a honeyed potato pie?”

I was seeking my co-worker Tabitha Chancellor. It was my initial revisit to Steve’s BBQ in 1998.

You couldn’t skip Steve’s BBQ. The building was embellished with far-reaching red and yellow stripes and stood during a dilemma of Hickory Street and Bell Avenue.

I’d only had a image full of Steve’s sliced brisket. It was sour and smoky, and a beef was that rarest of things — substantial, though proposal adequate that my flare went by it like butter. we spotless a image with flare and fingers. Steve Logan’s grill had sent my list manners on a run.

Now we wondered if a cake would compare a beef. But a owners was in no mood for my dithering.

“You’re a grown woman. If we don’t know your possess mind or tastebuds, we can’t assistance ya,” Logan pronounced to me.

It was unequivocally arrange of stern. He didn’t demeanour a slightest bit amused. My co-worker snickered.

“I’ll take a slice,” we said, perplexing for conviction.

Logan slapped a balmy orange cut of cake on a paper image and bearing it during me. Then came a fork. He didn’t mount on ceremony, clearly.

Logan, a son of a ancestral Denton family that owned and ran Logan’s Shoe Repair only off a Square, died on Nov. 25 after being diagnosed with metastatic mind cancer.

Denton residents haven’t sampled a image of Logan’s grill given around Easter of 2003, when a glow broken most of a common grill shack.

Crystal Logan Lyons, his daughter, pronounced her dad’s health started to stutter shortly after a fire. He had 5 hip replacements, that slowed him down considerably, she said. He was after diagnosed with liver cancer. More recently, Logan took a brief and doctors detected dual mind tumors.

Logan was innate Apr 9, 1947, to Will L. Logan Sr. and Brenda Gray Logan in Denton. He was baptized as a child during St. Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Southeast Denton.

He graduated from Fred Moore High School and worked as a coiffeur and an word representative before holding his friends’ recommendation and opening a restaurant. Logan married his wife, Brenda Golden, in 1966.

Lyons pronounced her father told his dual children that they had only one job: going to propagandize and earning zero reduce than a B. And he wasn’t all that anxious when Lyons and her brother, Dr. James Logan Jr., brought home a B on an assignment or a news card.

“When we were little, my father bought us an aged Encyclopedia Britannica set,” Lyons said. “We had to collect out a word each day, and by a time we came home, he wanted us to be means to use that word and know as most as probable about it. When my hermit went to medical school, father gave him an eagle necklace. He told my hermit that he wanted to remember that his purpose in life was to soar with a eagles.”

Locals remember a male with an exquisite aptitude for cooking and no room for foolishness. Steve’s BBQ captivated celebrities, who left their autographed cinema on a walls. And it captivated Denton residents, many of whom initial tasted his grill during a Denton Arts Jazz Festival.

Tex Bosley, a Denton proprietor and drummer, still remembers visiting a grill corner and anticipating Logan in a recliner he kept behind a counter. Bosley pronounced that Logan would hail him with “spicy or mild?”

“‘Spicy,’ I’d say. He’d afterwards give me my sum and howl a sequence out and ask again ‘spicy or mild?’ and I’d contend ‘spicy,’” Bosley said. “Sometimes this would occur 3 or even 4 times. ‘Spicy or mild?’ Spicy, Steve. Always spicy.”

Logan was famous for his bold proceed to patron service. On that initial visit, we asked Chancellor if we bussed a possess tables. we was in a realization of that silky cut of honeyed potato cake and didn’t consider a owners would eavesdrop. Wrong. Logan boomed out a answer.

“Yeah, we train your table!” he hollered. “Does it demeanour like your mom works here?”

No one ever seemed to mind Logan’s ungilded delivery. Probably since he wasn’t cruel. He was only straightforward.

“Steve was a genuine deal, no pretense,” pronounced Jeff Whitmire. “The yellowed journal clippings on a walls and aroma that strike we about 6 feet from a front doorway told we all we indispensable to know. The brisket was superb and a sampler was an knowledge to remember for a lifetime. Steve could demeanour and sound a small rough, though he was zero though kind and kind to me and my son on a visits.”

Lyons pronounced she mostly told her father that he competence reason his tongue during slightest each once in a while.

“We’d tell him ‘just since it comes adult doesn’t meant it has to come out,’” she said. “That was his way.”

Logan mostly lent his square to internal bands.

“His support of a song village here helped make Denton a good stage it was,” Bosley said. “Many internal entrepreneurs competence do good to remember how he ran his place and what was critical to him and take note. Great ’que and good song can get we flattering far.”

A commemorative use will be during 11 a.m. Dec. 11 during Peoples Funeral Home and Chapel, 1122 E. Mulberry St. A accepting will follow from noon to 2 p.m. during a American Legion Senior Center, 629 Lakey St. Memorials can be done to a American Cancer Society. Memories can be common on a wake home website during

Logan is survived by his mother and children, 3 grandchildren, his stepmother, Opal, his brother, Will, and stepbrother, Leroy Brent, nieces and nephews. He was preceded in genocide by his relatives and grandson, Ryan Lyons.


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LUCINDA BREEDING can be reached during 940-566-6877 and around Twitter during @LBreedingDRC.

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