Barbosa’s Barbeque holding core theatre during pop-up eventuality Tuesday during The Overpass Merchant

June 7, 2016 - bbq set

Since purchasing a vast beef smoker progressing this year, Alex Barbosa has worked tirelessly to fine-tune his Texas-style BBQ recipes, mostly practicing on friends and family.

And after portion hundreds of pounds of smoked beef this year during a Baton Rouge Blues Festival, a Hot Art, Cool Night festival in Mid City, and Free Food Sundays during Radio Bar, Barbosa’s Barbeque has been flourishing in popularity.

Now a Texas local is holding a subsequent step in his devise to grow his business from a belligerent up—the squeeze of a concessions trailer and outside BBQ array to go with his vast smoker and a contingent opening of his possess brick-and-mortar store.

He wants to franchise some empty land, preferably in a Garden District, Mid City or Southdowns, to emanate an outside sourroundings with live music, art and good food.

“A lot of times, it’s not about food; it’s some-more about a experience,” Barbosa says.

The initial step toward formulating that knowledge is a pop-up BBQ set to take place Tuesday afternoon during The Overpass Merchant on Perkins Road. The eventuality is open a public.

The Overpass Merchant co-owner Nick Hufft knows how tough it is to organically grow a code a approach Barbosa is doing. He started with his Curbside Burgers food truck, afterwards brought his food into Barcadia and The Overpass Merchant. This fall, his brick-and-mortar Curbside grill will open on Government Street.

Although The Overpass Merchant was scheduled to be sealed on Tuesday so employees can spend a day furloughed a Tin Roof and Southern Craft breweries in Baton Rouge as partial of an worker appreciation day, a owners motionless to reason a special eventuality to assistance a crony work toward his dream with a pop-up BBQ. Some of a employees have sealed on to male a bar for a event.

“I’m entrance from a universe where we know how tough it is to work from a belligerent up,” Hufft says.

Barbosa went into The Overpass Merchant one night and began articulate with Hufft about a intricacies of correct BBQ. Hufft favourite Barbosa’s passion for good BBQ and pitched a thought about a pop-up. The devise is for it to turn a monthly event.

To ready for Tuesday, Barbosa will start smoking a 6 briskets and 6 pig shoulders during midnight. The beef will fume for roughly 15 hours before a bar opens during 4 p.m.; Barbosa will start portion 150 pounds of BBQ an hour after until he runs out. He estimates a beef will feed about 175 people.

“We’re vehement about going to a (Overpass) Merchant tomorrow,” Barbosa says. “We’re not going to have live music, though I’m going to move some of my Texas music.”

—Ryan Broussard

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