BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud Review: Barbecue Made Easy

November 3, 2017 - bbq set

I adore to cook, though have frequency attempted my palm during smoking meats. I’ve used my propane griddle on arise to make ribs (heresy, we know), though I’ve never installed adult a smoker with colourless and timber chips, and tended it for hours on end: It’s a tiny intimidating, even for someone like me.

BBQ Guru’s CyberQ Cloud goes a prolonged approach toward creation grill easy for novices. This $250 device attaches to a smoker, and, regulating a tiny fan, helps umpire a smoker’s heat around a whole process. Has it finished me a pitmaster? Maybe not, though it’s gotten me a lot closer.


The CyberQ Cloud consists of dual pieces: The controller and a small, enclosed fan, that are connected with a detachable, turn cord.

The controller is a smarts of a operation: It receives your inputs and heat readings from a smoker and adjusts a fan accordingly. On a front is a tiny though splendid LCD display, with basic, though serviceable, buttons to a right. Along a bottom are several ports: one for power, one to bond a controller to a fan trustworthy to a smoker and 4 for heat probes (three for food, one for a pit).

After powering up, a controller broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal; we bond to it around a web browser to configure a settings. (You can also do this regulating a CyberQ’s four-button control pad, though it’s distant easier regulating a inscription or smartphone.)

Here, we have a choice of joining a controller to your home Wi-Fi network, though it’s good that we can use a CyberQ outward of your home network, generally if we devise on regulating it during some remote locale, like a parking lot of a football stadium.


Using a CyberQ Cloud, we did a series of opposite smokes, including ribs, pig shoulder and brisket. And while it wasn’t foolproof, a CyberQ finished barbecuing a really hands-off activity.

Using BBQ Guru’s suggestion, we clipped a array examine to a really finish of a beef examine and afterwards extrinsic a beef examine into whatever we was cooking. That way, we was means to get a heat of a array in a area right around a meat, where it mattered most.

The trickiest partial incited out to be removing a coals set adult and blazing properly. we used Royal Oak pile colourless and set adult a array regulating a “minion method”: we organised a ring of dark coals around a corner and put a illuminated coals in a center. That way, a core coals would solemnly light a coals around them.

By and large, a CyberQ Cloud did a illusory pursuit during progressing a same heat inside a smoker. When we was creation a shelve of ribs, a CyberQ Cloud was means to keep a smoker within 2 to 3 degrees of a heat I’d set — 250 degrees — for some-more than 4 hours, though any involvement by me. While we kept a tighten eye on my phone, only to make certain all was going well, we was means to hang out and discuss with my guest and not worry about fiddling with a smoker’s vents.

About 5 hours later, a ribs were done. They had a pleasing bellow on a outward and were luscious and delicious, with only a right volume of pull. I’m removing inspired only meditative about them.

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Still, not all came out as proposal as those ribs. On a initial territory that BBQ Guru sent me, a probes would register heat spikes, that went adult and down a few degrees for a while before dusk out. This got to be a pain during one point, as we perceived notifications constantly. The association sent me a second unit, that did not vaunt those problems.

Interface: Undercooked

Instead of a dedicated app, a CyberQ has a web-based interface that’s scarcely as disorderly as your fingers after eating half a shelve of Kansas City-style ribs.

Within a web app, there’s a territory called Manage Device; here, we set your preferred heat for a pit, as good a heat for whatever it is you’re cooking. However, during a tangible cooking process, we have to go to a My Cooks territory to perspective a draft display a heat of both over time. It would make distant some-more clarity to let we set a heat in this section.

On both an iPhone 6s and an iPad Air, a web page was delayed to refresh, and when it did, it would take 10 to 15 seconds, or a bit of forced scrolling on my part, for a whole page to uncover up. It was also delayed to resize, and observation a charts display a heat of my cooks was a bit of a pain. However, when we noticed my prepare regulating a laptop’s browser, a page updated itself constantly, and we was means to see all of a information on one screen.

You can also set adult alerts to be delivered possibly around content or email (or both) if several conditions are met, such as a heat of a array removing too high or too low, when your food is finished and more.

I did like that we could supplement records into a charts, such as when we wrapped a shoulder in tin foil (also famous as a Texas Crutch), or when we combined timber chips. However, we wish we could also see a graph of a fan speed overlaid with a array temperature.

You can also upload a print of what you’re cooking, share cooks with a CyberQ village and see what others are cooking, too.  

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Because all is connected these days, we could also ask Alexa a heat of what we was cooking, as good as change settings regulating zero though my voice and Amazon’s voice assistant. All we indispensable to do was capacitate a Alexa skill, and afterwards we could contend “Alexa, what is my ribs temperature,” and she would respond.


Through BBQ Guru’s site, we can squeeze a CyberQ Cloud with a array probe, a food examine and a energy adapter for $255. However, if we wish to use it to assistance umpire a heat in your smoker, you’ll need to bond it to a fan system.

BBQ Guru sells adapter kits (which includes a fan) for dozens of smokers, including a Big Green Egg, Char-Broil, Weber, Viking and more. Prices vary, depending on a smoker we own, though they generally operation between $300 and $360. BBQ Guru sent me a CyberQ Cloud along with a Monolith Classic smoker, that retails for $1,399.

Bottom Line

While a sum investment of a smoker and a CyberQ Cloud is not cheap, a preference of being means to guard my smokes from distant was impossibly handy. we wish a association finished a dedicated app, rather than relying on a slow-to-load web interface, though a CyberQ Cloud still incited an hours-long routine into a really hands-off activity. we could go inside and watch a football diversion or do something else, while still being means to check in on a swell of my prepare and make certain all was going well.

The CyberQ Cloud is not as foolproof as using, say, a sous vide appurtenance like a Anova Precision Cooker, though you’re traffic with many some-more variables with a smoker. But that’s partial of a disappointment — and charm. And a formula were delicious.

Credit: Tom’s Guide

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