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Past a stands charity California booze and internal charcuterie platters, you’ll find open kitchens during Levi’s Stadium slapping buttered sourdough bread on a flattop, an early step in formulating a Bay Area specialty: a grilled Pacific crab sandwich. That’s a scene Centerplate, a concessionaire for Levi’s Stadium and so Super Bowl 50, hopes to paint for hours on Sunday.

Preparing for a Super Bowl works opposite than any other regular-season 49ers game, Sal Ferrulo, executive clamp boss of Centerplate, tells “The mindset shifts a small bit.”

With gates opening 4 hours before a diversion and a diversion itself holding longer than a normal NFL Sunday, they devise to feed a roughly 75,000 fans dual meals. To do so, Centerplate some-more than doubles staffing to about 1,300 employees and tweaks a menu.

Photo: courtesy Centerplate

In a ubiquitous benefaction areas, menus will be embellished by about 35 percent so they can have correct storage to keep adult with a increasing volume. In a suites and clubs, design staged menus. One menu represents pre-game, another for a start of a diversion and a third during halftime, roughly like a Super Bowl-themed tasting menu.

With so most time before a game Ferrulo knows fans will ramble a stadium. “We have a lot of open kitchen space (at Levi’s Stadium), so it creates a food prep a lot of fun.”

While Levi’s Stadium will have a staples, design a few new equipment too, all authorized by a NFL in a routine that started during a commencement of a season.

Photo: courtesy Centerplate

Photo: courtesy Centerplate

From a grilled crab on sourdough—the one object Ferrulo creates certain he’ll squeeze on Super Bowl Sunday—to new items, such as a Big 5-0 Sausage with a mix of 50 mixture including beef, pork, spices and spices all grilled and served on a poppy seed bun with sautéed bell peppers and surfaced with ketchup and bullion flakes, Centerplate skeleton to applaud internal offerings.

The diversion will embody a brook shrimp roll, California charcuterie plates (Saucisson sec, cabernet salami, prosciutto, coppa, duck-pork gallantine, assorted preserved vegetables, mill belligerent mustard, and sliced baguette) with an increasing preference of internal wines, a sourdough chowder “boule” new for a vast game, a internal farmstead cheese platter, lobster and truffle mac n’ cheese, forged beef tenderloin, a California artichokes display, grill jackfruit sandwich and, of course, a Bay Area’s well-loved garlic fries.

Photo: courtesy Centerplate

For those not holding in a sights, smells and tastes of Super Bowl 50, Centerplate has a approach to emanate a feel of Levi’s Stadium in your possess home with a span of Super Bowl recipes from cook Santana Diaz.

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2-2.5 lbs Hand-cut fries (keeping some skins on)

1/2 Cup Chopped Garlic

1/2 Cup Chopped Fresh Parsley (must be hand-chopped)

5-6 oz Olive Oil

1 TBsp Kosher Coarse Salt

1 TBsp Ground Pepper – Coarse

1. Fry French fries until golden brown.

2. Drain good of oil or peck on towels.

3. Combine olive oil, chopped garlic, and uninformed parsley in a vast blending bowl.

4. Fold in a fries and toss until fries are well-coated.

5. Season with Kosher salt and coarse-ground peppers to taste.

6. Serve and enjoy.

Photo: courtesy Centerplate


Makes 6 Sandwiches

6 Plain Egg Buns

Apple Jalapeño Dressing, see next recipe

Cabbage, shredded with carrot – 18 oz

Jackfruit, fresh, cleaned, seeded – 30 oz

BBQ sauce, smoked – 15 oz

Vegetable batch – 8 oz

Tomato pulp – 1 oz

Apple Jalapeño Dressing: creates 58 oz. Store residue in fridge for adult to 3 days.

Vinegar apple cider – 6.5 oz

Applesauce, unsweetened – 25 oz

Dijon mustard – .8 oz

Dill weed, excellent chopped – .8 oz

Kosher salt – .8 oz

Pepper jalapeño, excellent chopped – 4 oz

Oil salad, canola – 20 oz

1. Toss cabbage, carrot with apple jalapeño dressing, check seasoning, set aide

2. Place jackfruit, smoked BBQ sauce, tomato pulp and 4 oz of unfeeling batch in an oven-proof saucepan, move to a delayed simmer, cover and braise in oven until jackfruit is tender. Add some-more batch if needed.

3. To build a sandwich, toast egg bun, place braised jackfruit on a bottom partial of a bun, place cabbage slaw on tip of jackfruit, half cover with tip partial of a bun.

4. Serve and enjoy! 

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