BBQ King seeks second plcae in Huntley – Elgin Courier-News

February 26, 2017 - bbq set

With skeleton set for a razing of a Kelley residence during 11708 Coral Street in a Downtown Square, a Huntley Village Board has certified negotiations for a redevelopment of a lot for sell and grill uses.

Jason Szmurlo, owners of a BBQ King Smokehouse grill in Woodstock, told house members of his enterprise to erect a 7,640 block feet multi-tenant sell and grill building on a Coral Street site in Huntley. The due building would be anchored by a 4,700 block foot, two-story BBQ King Restaurant with passageway seating.

The other dual units will be approximately 1,500 block feet any and offer sell uses. Szmurlo pronounced he was not means to criticism on what a dual sell establishments competence be during this time.

Plans for a 3 units embody duration styling that echoes a turn-of-the-century demeanour of a redeveloped downtown district. The units will any offer block seating along a front confronting Coral Street and wrought iron fencing as a barrier.