BBQ MY WAY: Pan-seared turkey burgers are White Steamer inspired

December 16, 2017 - bbq set

I’m creatively from a small city in a southwest dilemma of Indiana called Washington. And while we haven’t deliberate it my central chateau given my college days, it always feels like home when we visit, that unfortunately doesn’t occur most these days. Anyone from Washington will immediately light adult if a review ensues per “The White Steamer.” It’s on Main Street and has been during a same plcae given a 1920s. And while we wasn’t around in a 1920s, I’m told a griddle is flattering most a same.

The vast prosaic iron roaster is during a front of a store where passers-by can see a burgers being done as they travel by. They are fundamentally a normal sized chronicle of a White Castle burger, complicated on a sauteed onions. And in a cadence of selling genius, they set it adult so a empty fan blows true out onto Main Street, causing that celestial aroma of onion and parched beef to boyant along a downtown business district, interesting shoppers to travel to “The Steamer” in a semi-hypnotic state of erotic burger anticipation. This is a turkey burger version.


2 lbs belligerent turkey meat

2 vast vidalia onions

1 tsp of belligerent cumin

3 tsp dusty dill weed

2 tsp kosher salt

2 tsp coarsely belligerent black pepper

1 egg

2 Tbsp olive oil

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

Your favorite cheese

Peel and cut a onions. Start your charcoals on your Weber kettle grill. Or, if we are my neighbor, Tex, you’ll be regulating your gas grill. we know what we are thinking. If this is vessel seared, because are we starting a grills? Simple. This things spatters, and if Bunky (Tex’s wife) is anything like Liz (my wife), she likes to equivocate spattering.

Combine all mixture other than a onions, butter and olive oil and brew entirely with your hands. Create 4 burger patties and shower with a small some-more salt and peppers on both sides. This is in further to a salt and peppers that we put in a meat.

Place a vast expel iron over a prohibited coals or a abandon of a gas grill. Add a olive oil and butter. Once a butter has melted, supplement a onion and saute’ until caramelized. This is when a onions turn unclouded and somewhat golden and really sweet. Remove onions and place in a play to a side. Drizzle a illuminated bit of olive oil behind into a skillet.

Place a turkey patties in a prohibited expel iron skillet. You should hear a good sizzle. After a few mins we should see fluids arise to a top. Turn a burgers. Cook for another 5 mins or so. You really wish to prepare these all a approach by given this is poultry. Use a beef thermometer if we aren’t sure. Place a sauteed onions on a burgers, mislay from a feverishness and place your favorite cheese on top. Put a lid on a skillet (remember, we have now private this from a heat) and let lay for a few mins until a cheese melts. We used blue cheese (Liz’s favorite) and peppers jack cheese. Serve on a bun with your favorite accompaniments and enjoy!

Dave Lobeck is an Edward Jones financial confidant in Jeffersonville by day and a BBQ fan on nights and weekends. Liz is his wife. You can hit Dave with your BBQ, cooking or barbecuing questions during You can also revisit their YouTube channel during ​​.

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