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August 11, 2017 - bbq set

Komodo Kamado

Made in 7 sizes and a operation of beautifully tiled colors, a Komodo Kamados are a best finished grills on a market.

Besides quality, flexibility is substantially a best thing we can get when shopping a roaster or outward cooker, simply given many people wish to be means to prepare some-more than one thing and prepare in some-more than one style. I’ve nonetheless to find a roaster that can literally do it all, yet currently we examination one that comes unequivocally tighten – as tighten as it gets.

Summer is about median through, and like many years, I’ve been barbecuing and smoking and cooking like crazy outdoors. we have some-more than a dozen opposite models in permanent revolution around my patio, from foe delayed smokers to a Brazilian riodizio setup with rotating skewers (two, actually). I’ve created about grills, smokers and outward cooking for years, been to BBQ cooking camp, and am a approved foe BBQ judge, so we know a few things about a innumerable opposite cooking inclination out there, and this year we have been actively contrast and retesting a few standout models that validate as diversion changers. This week we am going to do follow-ups formed on regularly “test driving” these babies, and will showcase 4 opposite “must have” grills, in opposite categories, any of that could change your backyard kitchen.

In a initial 3 installments, I reviewed a Angara Maximus by iBBQ, a high-end outward list with gas grills built into it; the Arteflame, an overwhelming mixed firepit, grill, roaster and grass centerpiece; and the American Muscle Grill, a best multipurpose, multi-fuel grill that includes a palliate and preference of gas. In a possess way, any is best in a class. So is a final installment.

Today we go into a cultish universe of kamado cooking, simply a many versatile style. But not all kamado cookers are finished a same, and a Komodo Kamado is roughly positively a best there is. It is yet a doubt a best designed and many beautifully finished roaster of any form we have ever used, and we have used a lot of grills.

Komodo Kamado

Host Steven Raichlen regulating a largest 42″ Komodo Kamado to fry dual whole turkeys – one spin – on a set of his PBS uncover Planet Smoke.

Last year we partnered with a world’s heading management on live glow cooking and grilling, Steven Raichlen, to curate a list of 10 Great Grills. Raichlen teaches BBQ University, attended Paris’ famed Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, has hosted 3 PBS radio array on grilling, including a stream Project Smoke, and has created about 30 books on this subject, including a contingent of epics: The BBQ Bible, BBQ USA, and Planet Barbecue. He’s won so many awards it is tough to keep lane yet they embody James Beard, Julia Child and Emmys, and for both BBQ U and Project Smoke he has fabricated dual of a many endless collections of outward cooking inclination in a nation. So when he called a Komodo Kamado, “Far and divided a best ceramic (meaning kamado) cooker I’ve used,” we took it seriously. Then we got association owners Dennis Linkletter to let me try one out. This thing is a bomb.

Descended from ancient Japanese clay pots, egg-shaped kamado grills (often called ceramic grills yet many are not ceramic during all) have a cult following, generally a best-known brand, Big Green Egg. The passion these cookers enthuse in their owners is understandable, given they unequivocally can do it all – as prolonged as we light a fire. The infancy of American backyard chefs spin a dial rather than light a match, and that’s a one and usually thing that prevents a kamado cooker from truly doing it all – it doesn’t spin itself on. But once dismissed up, no other pattern can compare a performance. It not usually can low and delayed fume griddle during a foe level, it can flare steaks like a excellent high-end steakhouses, can make bakery peculiarity bread, opposition a best freestanding Italian pizza ovens, and fundamentally roast, bake, grill, smoke, all during a unequivocally tip level. They are also super-efficient and bake reduction fuel than roughly any other form of grill. But both a potency and cooking value count on quality, and given a success of a Big Green Egg, a marketplace has been jam-packed with inexpensive kamado cookers. Ironically this is one pattern – interjection ot a unequivocally high temperatures probable – where we don’t wish to skimp. The Komodo Kamado, during a unequivocally tip finish of a market, can safely go above 1000° regulating only tiny volume of charcoal. That’s twice as prohibited as your home oven can strech and hotter than any of my other grills, regardless of fuel.

The biggest mistake in low finish roaster pattern is ignoring elementary physics, that we only can’t get around – plain materials enhance when exhilarated and agreement when cooled. Yet a immeasurable infancy of these cookers have a plain one-piece firebox, fundamentally a cylinder around a glow that protects a shell. The Komodo models use a two-piece firebox that can enhance and won’t crack. It’s a same with body, that is roughly always dual plain pieces, a categorical partial and a lid. They are fit given they are firmly sealed, so a Komodo uses unequivocally complicated duty, high peculiarity gaskets to keep that sign via enlargement and contraction. But here’s a craziest thing – while Komodo cookers are famously fit and viewed as insulated, many have no insulation during all, only a shell, that is because they get prohibited to a touch. Komodos have 3 layers of opposite materials that indeed insulate. As result, it can say a consistent inner feverishness of 235° – ideal for smoking BBQ – for some-more than 3 full days (and nights) yet refueling – either it is 100° or -20° outside. That’s insanely good opening and that’s with 16 pounds of coal. we burnt some-more hardwood colourless in my dear Arteflame roaster (reviewed here dual days ago) in one new day than we will expected go by this summer in a Komodo Kamado. 10-time World Champion BBQ Pit Master Chris Lilly of Big Bob Gibson celebrity called it, “The best cooking, many efficient, and aesthetically ideal outward cooker on a market.”

The association itself calls a products, “The ultimate over-engineered, over-built roaster and smoker,” and they are not kidding. Every fact impresses from a steel fixtures – complicated and laser cut in Switzerland – to aerospace gaskets, epoxies and beautifully shimmering tiles that cover a outside, accessible in innumerable colors. The stainless-steel grates are so “heavy duty” they are tough to lift, and while many rivals underline ceramic or powder coated steel bodies, this one is finished from adverse cements like those used for high feverishness containment in blast furnaces. As a result, Linkletter has penned an wholly new product difficulty for his designs: Refractory Grill/Smoker/Oven.

While Raichlen and Lilly know their things inside and out, no one in a business does some-more roaster reviews – or some-more minute ones – than a folks during extensive roaster and smoker contrast site They have entirely tested over 500 particular models, and Komodo finished their Top 10 Luxury Grills Smokers list in 2017 for a third true year, and got a tip Gold award rating. Equipment editor Max Good wrote, “Komodo Kamado creates some of a many striking, high peculiarity cookers we’ve seen…Quality and courtesy to fact are clear in all we see and hold from a 304 immaculate steel grates and hinges to a heavy-duty casters.”

If we unequivocally like to geek out about peculiarity and technical details, check out his unbelievably minute examination and product debate from a site called The examination spans 5 extra-long pages and has dozens of minute tighten adult photos of all a bells and whistles, yet to give we a taste, they report in fact a 24 collection comprising a extraneous physique alone, and dual of these are “Elastomeric industrial insulation with nano-ceramic spheres used as an adhesive/grout” and “CNC breeze doorway with spring-loaded low airflow dial 304 immaculate steel.” Just so we don’t skip a thing, they explain that “CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control…This digital indication is installed into a appurtenance that afterwards uses a indication to control a slicing and moulding of a material. Result, impassioned pointing and uniformity.” From grates to particular bolts, each singular partial is examined in detail, and all are impressive. That might be because Chris Lilly added, “Ask your children what tile tone they prefer… one day a Komodo Kamado will be theirs.”

Komodo Kamado

These cookers are only beautifully and ideally made, from tip to bottom, inside and out. This is a second largest indication 32-inch in bronze.

It even comes with additional collection and minute instructions only to safely open a precisely designed shipping bin it comes in. But all this over a tip peculiarity comes during a cost of weight, and if we can, it would be good to get it delivered and set adult by someone else. The bigger models are unequivocally tough to pierce solely when rolling opposite well-spoken surfaces, and we schooled this a tough way. It took 3 immeasurable adults and a barrow to – hardly – get it adult one step.

I’m not a baker so we haven’t finished bread, and after half a deteriorate we feel like we have hardly scratched a aspect of a immeasurable capabilities, yet this is one overwhelming roaster and there’s zero we wouldn’t prepare in it. If we don’t mind lighting a glow each time we prepare – and Linkletter offers a flattering painless by-pass regulating Weber FireStarter cubes – we won’t do any improved or ever need another grill. It’s that simple. From tender Texas-style delayed baked brisket to a fry Thanksgiving turkey to gorgeously parched steaks for a few dozen of your closest friends, a Komodo Kamado can do it all. It also works good with pots, pans and skillets. It has a unequivocally considerable volume of cooking space on mixed levels, and given it is a low teardrop, rather than dull like many rivals, a grates maximize each block inch, and there are 3 levels of them. There are additional collection enclosed like a feverishness deflector for smoking, season pan, withering grate, all of that can be changed around as indispensable and all of that are finished of a same crazy high-quality materials. Even a enclosed thermometer is tip quality, while many grills come with a nearby invalid model. The courtesy to fact is profusion and it is everywhere: a complicated open on a assisted opening cover (due to weight), a overwhelming pattern of a ultra-adjustable tip opening (and with kamados airflow is everything), a precisely milled and complicated avocation hinges, latches, bolts, a appendage pier shawl comes bureau prepared for block and play serve of aftermarket electronic controller and fan – even a offshoot on a side that hangs a abrade when not in use is perfect. It also comes prepared for an discretionary rotisserie.

Linkletter compares his pattern to rivals as an Aston Martin is to Model-Ts. That might be harsh, yet we visited a Aston Martin bureau in England and knows what he means. we was vacant to see how meticulously a craftsmen there matched pieces of leather for seats and timber for a dashboard. It was finished in an roughly impossibly pleasing way. Yet when we took it on a exam lane it achieved as good as it looked, and we have never driven faster (183 MPH). The Komodo Kamado is a same – infrequently we only go out and demeanour during it.

If we wish a best and like cooking with fire, demeanour no further. The large preference (besides color) is size, as a Komodo Kamodo comes in a whopping 7 opposite ones, from a 16-inch list tip indication to behemoth 42-incher that weighs over 1,600 pounds. Because a prior largest indication was a “Bad Boy,” this one is a “Serious Bad Boy” ($2,150-$9,460).

The flagship indication is a third largest, the 23-inch Supreme, that is a one we have been testing, and it is copiousness large – we could prepare large steaks for during slightest dual dozen on it during once. Depending on tone it runs $4,200-$4,400 and compared to many of a other grills we have tested, it is a bargain, generally deliberation how large it is, how good made, all it can do, and that distinct many of my grills, I’m flattering assured it will final forever.

Weaknesses? It doesn’t have gas so we can’t spin it on during a pull of a button. That’s about it. Otherwise this is as tighten as it comes to a “one roaster quiver,” a cooker that can do it all.

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