Big Gigantic during Stubb’s BBQ (REVIEW/PHOTOS)

March 1, 2015 - bbq set

Madness does not start to report what went down during Stubb’s on Friday night. Three DJs, excruciatingly cold weather, and a throng of immature inebriated concertgoers done for an impossibly high-energy evening, finish with nonstop movement. From a normal DJ rhythms of Brede to Peking Duk’s complicated remixes and a unmatched jazzy and unconventional sound of Big Gigantic, there was no finish to a furious electronic party.
Brede started a night off with a thirty-minute DJ set among a really tiny throng of early attendees. The tunes managed to get a throng jamming out, that usually accelerated as Peking Duk strike a stage. Having only overwhelmed down from Sydney, a individualist Australian twin stoical of Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles did not let a singular chairman mount still. In fact, they done it impossible. Peking Duk remade remixes of classical songs like “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from Annie and assembly favorites such as “Last Nite” by The Strokes into EDM dance tracks. Their remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” nearby a finish of their set had everybody singing along and going violent as Hyde walked into a throng and fed off their liveliness. Hyde and Styles played off of any other’s unrestrained as they flipped their prolonged hair behind and onward to move crazy appetite to a crowd.
By a time Big Gigantic seemed on stage, a assembly had scarcely tripled in size, as did a excitement. Having formerly played vital song festivals like Coachella and with several festival appearances requisitioned for a arriving months, it came as no warn that a DJ twin hailing from Boulder, Colorado gave a fantastic performance. They are not your standard DJ act.  With saxophonist and writer Dominic Lalli behaving alongside drummer Jeremy Salken, there was not a singular postponement in a adrenaline rush surging in a audience. Having 5 albums to date, a twin had copiousness of hits to fill their scarcely dual hour-long set.
Hits from their latest manuscript The Night is Young were transparent throng favorites, and a additions of a saxophone and drums to a normal DJ beats combined implausible abyss to their performance. Electronic song typically gets a throng dancing on a own, though Lalli’s further of a saxophone and Salken’s pitter-patter is what creates Big Gigantic such a standout act. The jazzy live rope elements weaved seamlessly in with a beats, and a further of an charcterised striking light uncover all over a theatre brought a uncover over a top. Big Gigantic is fearless, and they had no difficulty gripping a celebration going by a prolonged night. 

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