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September 19, 2017 - bbq set

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — As a week begins, set-up crews for a eighteenth annual Bikes, Blues and Barbeque motorcycle convene are nearing in Fayetteville to start preparing. 

Motorcycle riders have been entrance to Northwest Arkansas given 2000 to suffer a roads and a rally, and a series of attendees continues to grow. 

Crews are compulsory to arrive early to ready for a liquid of people.  Vendors sell all from food to leather jackets and bandanas. 

The convene is billed as ‘family friendly,’ and organizers pronounced they wish to continue that atmosphere while creation a eventuality even some-more inclusive. 

“We unequivocally are perplexing to make this motorcycle convene to be fundamentally Northwest Arkansas’ festival so even if we don’t float a motorcycle, or even if we don’t get into a biker lifestyle, we attempted to find something that is going to fit for everybody,” pronounced Tommy Sisemore, a executive executive of Bikes, Blues and Barbeque. 

Sisemore said a convene is a good eventuality for a family.  Checking out a bikes, eating barbeque and even enjoying concessions can make an beguiling day for anyone–even but a motorcycle. 

The festivities start Wednesday, Sept. 20. 


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