Black Bark BBQ Headed To Fillmore In September

July 8, 2015 - bbq set

Photo: SFist

A new grill spinoff of a upscale 1300 on Fillmore, dubbed Black Bark BBQ, is set to open opposite a travel this fall, presumably as early as September, as Eater is reporting. The name emerged back in December around a booze permit application, and a “bark” refers to a charred membrane that forms on slow-smoked meat, generally ribs and brisket.

The new plan is being launched by longtime 1300 cook David Lawrence and his mother Monetta White, and Lawrence touts it as “bringing grill behind to a Fillmore” — referring to a fact that a neighborhood, once home to a incomparable African-American village than there is now, was also home to some long-gone grill joints. It will, naturally, be competing with a renouned 4505 Burgers BBQ that debuted final year a few blocks divided in a space that had prolonged been home to other grill spots like Brothers and Da Pitt.

Black Bark is entrance to a space that had not housed a grill before during 1325 Fillmore Street, and so it’s been underneath construction for over 6 months already, with a difficult build-out. (It was creatively rumored to be open by spring.)

From a look inside during construction recently, SFist can endorse that it looks like it will be a fast-casual set adult with opposite service, and according to a booze permit they will be portion drink and wine.

Stay tuned for updates after this summer.

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