Blood, Leather and Bears: The King Khan & BBQ Show Rocked a Duck Room …

March 23, 2015 - bbq set

stl-mus-20150316-kkbbq2-kellyglueck.jpgKelly GlueckKing Khan looks out over his kingdom.By Jenn DeRose

The King Khan BBQ Show has had a severe integrate of years as a rope in general, yet a attribute with St. Louis seems generally complicated. After an barbarous run-in with a military before a uncover during Off Broadway in 2009, a twin went by a very well-documented dissection that lasted tighten to 6 years, harmful clinging fans.

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Arish Ahmad Khan and Mark Sultan expelled several stellar albums independently, yet their reliably glorious collaborations as a twin were sorely missed. The news of a reunion and successive debate with a Black Lips in a tumble of 2014 was well-received by fans and critics alike. The twin played St. Louis in Sep 2014 during a Ready Room to a large crowd, racing by a set as a Black Lips’ opening act.

This weekend, a King Khan BBQ Show returned, this time to Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room on Mar 14 to support Bad News Boys, a initial manuscript in 6 years.

Khan initial interacted with a throng during a Duck Room when he came onstage to deliver his furloughed opener: a sultry, softly psychedelic, country-flavored Milk Lines, hailing from Khan and Sultan’s local Toronto. Wearing a coonskin top and sunglasses, Khan positive a throng that Milk Lines “drank from a same pap Chuck Berry gave to a world.” This was his stamp of approval, summoning a name of a initial father of stone roll, and was a initial of several mostly obedient references to Berry during a evening.

stl-mus-20150316-milklines-kellyglueck.jpgKelly GlueckMilk Lines

After Milk Lines finished, a King Khan BBQ Show entered a theatre to Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure,” clad in elaborate costumes — Khan and Sultan’s theatre outfits have developed from a dainty to a absurd over a years. This tour, Khan was dressed in crisscrossed leather subjugation straps, entirely studded (much like Bo Diddley’s outfit on a cover of The Black Gladiator) with a golden mirrored codpiece and a relating golden garment done of glossy satin. Sultan dressed in a black jumpsuit with pap holes cut out and what looked to be a golden oversize diaper covering his loins. Both wore leather masks and brief blonde wigs that, joined with their round, unapproachable bellies, magnified a unfortunate outcome of their costumes.

The dual began a set with “Chuck a Muck,” a reverence to Chuck Berry stoical of licks lovingly carried from a few of Berry’s songs, while Khan duck-walked opposite a stage, apparently delighting in a meta experience. The reverence morphed into “Fish Fight,” a punk anthem from a group’s initial album. There would few reprieves for a rest of a relentless set.

The volume of sound this twin is means to make is impressive. Khan played a Guild Starfire duplicate (the same guitar Muddy Waters played on his heterogeneous classical Electric Mud) while Sultan achieved on a drum pack stoical of a trap drum set on a side — played by a pedal on his right feet — with a tambourine wedged underneath, a drum drum on his left feet and a Supro guitar in his lap. They divided their vocals flattering uniformly during a set. Khan fronted many of a particularly punk songs and Sultan sang many of a ballads; Khan supposing drum lines by doo-wop outspoken harmonies. Sultan corroborated Khan-heavy songs with his supernatural ability to impersonate a sound of an electric jug as played by a Thirteenth Floor Elevators, regulating usually his mouth.

stl-mus-20150316-kkbbq3-kellyglueck.jpgKelly GlueckMark Sultan, a.k.a. BBQ, a one-man band.

Sultan was trapped by his one-man-band setup, incompetent to dance, yet he done adult for it with Sid Vicious snarls and frantic, Exorcist-style head-twisting. Khan, on a other hand, was giveaway to pierce — and pierce he did, jolt his hardly dressed plunder during a throng that squealed in delight, propping adult his legs suggestively on a monitors, shimmying like a lizard and spasmodic declining into a assembly as yet he was walking into a low pool.

His antics, unfortunately, eventually led to bloodshed. Between “Hold Me Tight” (which began with a opening licks of Hasil Adkins’ “She Said”) and “Treat Me Like a Dog,” Khan incidentally kicked a worshiper in a face with his glossy black boots, and blood streamed between his eyes.

“Now we have to lick it,” quipped Sultan.

Khan, nonetheless clearly dissapoint for spiteful a fan, could not conflict a joke: “These boots were done for walkin’,” he replied. Both of them stopped their set for a impulse to apologize and give a harmed associate a three-foot cosmetic bear that was partial of their theatre set. The draining male seemed mollified, and proudly waved his bear in a atmosphere for a residue of a show.

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