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April 12, 2018 - bbq set



Blame it on a continue and a snowbirds.

That’s what assured John Wright to pierce a Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival from a initial Jun date, in a gloomy heat, to spring-y Apr final year. Judging by a milder meridian and a accepting (there were some-more anniversary residents logging about, given Easter hadn’t arrived yet), it was a recipe for success.

When you’ve got a good dish, we don’t disaster with a ingredients. So Mr. Wright, boss of a Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce and owner of Blues, Brews and BBQ , is portion adult this year’s eventuality — a fourth incarnation — on Saturday, Apr 14. Thanks to Mr. Wright’s talents for cooking adult and organizing interesting events to attract, not usually internal residents, though scads of visitors from around a segment — and even out-of-state — to Punta Gorda as well, this year’s festival should be another masterpiece.

Grimes Alley Blues Band

Grimes Alley Blues Band

But then, how could it not be, when you’re charity samples of some-more than 100 qualification ales from a far-reaching accumulation of internal and inhabitant breweries? The $30 acknowledgment is a bargain, and not only since drink lovers will expected gulp that many money’s value of brews in a initial hour. The sheet cost also includes party by a 3 well-developed blues bands.


Deb a Dynamics is a musty stone and soul/blues rope that got a start during a tiny blues bar in Matlacha in 2003. What started as a contingent — with a guitarist personification a stomp box for a drum set — has turn a seven-piece essence rope that will stone your hosiery off and make we wish to put your dancing boots on. The rope is helmed by Debra Biela, drum actor and lead singer, who has spent some-more than 3 decades in a song biz, and has played many of a vital festivals on a circuit in a United States and Europe.

The Grimes Alley Blues Band from Orlando is done adult of brothers Tom and Patrick Grimes, who are are assimilated onstage by Tom’s wife, Teri, as good as longtime friends and musicians Jeff Thomas on percussion and Dev Zebra on bass. The organisation plays a mix of song from a 1960s (and earlier) by today, specializing in classical blues, classical rock, nation stone and rockabilly.


Mike Imbasciani perceived his initial guitar during age 5, that flattering many set a march for his career. Citing his influences as Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Setzer, Robert Johnson, Santana and Muddy Waters, he began behaving professionally during age 11. At a developed aged age of 15, he combined his BluezRockerz band. Mike Imbasciani His BluezRockerz have achieved their code of blues, classical rock, folk and rockabilly in cities such as Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami.

To accompany a brews and blues, Mr. Wright and his group have worked tough to move in innovative grill vendors, with a far-reaching accumulation of offerings for sale. To support with parking during a event, Nickel Ride will be handling a convey use (for tips) on one of a swift of electric cars from a opening ramp of a parking Garage on Herald Court to a venue and behind after a show.

The park opens during 12:30 p.m., with a initial rope personification during 1 p.m. — and a festivities will continue until 6 p.m. Bring a grass chair, squeeze your tasting potion and dance a afternoon divided on a waterfront. Miss this event, and you’ll finish adult great a blues. ¦

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