Bobby Q’s finds new home in Norwalk

March 11, 2016 - bbq set

NORWALK — Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ Grill in Westport has found a new plcae to pierce to here in Norwalk — a Waypointe District, located during 11 Merwin St.

“We’ve favourite (Waypointe District) for a good dual years now,” pronounced Bob LeRose, owners of Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ Grill. “We’ve been gripping a eye on it for utterly some time now and are carefully confident about it, though feel a a good location.”

The new plcae is 4,300 block feet and will be means to lay 80 to 100 people. It will also underline outside dining, that they did not have in Westport.

“I consider a a good, docile space that will concede us to do things we weren’t means to do in Westport,” pronounced LeRose. “We’ve always had a really tiny bar and we wish to take a whole bar module to a subsequent turn and have a nice, comfortable, atmospheric bar with TVs and all that things — and this kinda space allows us to do that. We also feel that a some-more in line with what business wish these days and what a trends are.”

The grill will still continue to offer food and drinks during a Westport location. They will continue to offer their Family Night promotions where kids 12 and underneath eat from a kid’s menu for giveaway with any adult paid snack on Tuesdays.

“We never suspicion that we would work in both Westport and Norwalk. That was never a suspicion process,” pronounced LeRose. “So when it looked like we were going to tighten in Westport, this looked like a apparent choice for us. This was always an area that we believed in (and) were vehement about and felt like a demographics in that area matched really good with a code and what we are perplexing to do.”

Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ Grill has operated in Westport for a past 11 years and will be shutting down a doors someday in April.

“We are unhappy that we are withdrawal a city that we worked with for 11 years (and) built a lot of good relationships,” he said. “But like anything else in life, a time pierce on and we are vehement to build those same clever relations and offer a Norwalk village a best we can.”

The routine of relocating into a building has not begun nonetheless and might take LeRose and Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ  Grill some time to set adult all before it opens it’s doors to customers.

“We will have a small bit of a opening from between when we tighten and open. We will be shutting someday in Apr though we haven’t figured out a accurate date nonetheless — and we haven’t started overhanging any hammers in Norwalk and that things takes time, ” pronounced LeRose. “I would adore to be open by Memorial Day — that would be a good aim for us to fire for. But we are holding a lot of things from Westport with us… It’s a code new space (and) need to build a kitchen and set adult a infrastructure.”

Bobby’s Q’s will be charity a special promotional offer during a Westport grill to assistance widespread a word of a new location.

“We’ve been doing specials, though we are also giving out coupons to a new place. Every time we sup during a place in Westport, we get a banking for 15 percent off a dish during a Norwalk plcae when it opens. It’s a approach to appreciate everybody for ancillary us and also a approach to foster a new grill and be a reminder,” pronounced LeRose.

With a designed summer opening, it will be a ideal time to squeeze some grill during a some-more available plcae for Norwalkers.

“In a lot of ways, a new plcae in Norwalk is a lot easier to get to afterwards a Westport plcae — (its) right off a exit,” he said. “Getting to downtown Westport isn’t always a easiest thing unless we live in town. We are anticipating to see some-more people in Norwalk since of a palliate of removing there and a giveaway parking. Its an up-and-coming area with a lot going on.”

For updates and some-more information on Bobby Q’s transition from Westport to Norwalk, follow them on Twitter @bobbyqs and on their Facebook page Also, revisit their website during

“We wish to offer what people design from us, though also have some newer options that are thesis suitable to hopefully win over a new call of business — though we don’t wish anything to feel forced,” pronounced LeRose.

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