Boston’s 12 best pizza joints

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Pies during a 34-seat A4 Pizza in Somerville take 3 mins to bake in a wood-fired oven. That is, unless cook Michele (“Mike”) Andolina decides one needs 20 seconds more. One unreal pizza on a simply charred, chewy crust — from a starter Area Four conduct cook Jeff Pond combined 14 years ago — comes with shiitakes, fontina, gremolata, and eggs. Andolina cooks a pizza compartment it’s roughly done, afterwards drops dual eggs on tip and pops it in a oven again until a whites are usually set and we can mangle a golden yolks so they brief onto a cheesy topping. It’s a favorite of a chef, too.

Kayana Szymczak for a Boston Globe

445 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, 617-764-4190,


This emporium is such a Huron Village establishment that a circuitously dilemma is named Armando Paolo Square. It’s a reverence to a pizzeria’s jovial Italian founder, whose family sponsors area kids’ sports teams — note a trophies that accoutre a wood-paneled walls — and has been famous to lot out cookies to slow customers. Armando’s also happens to make glorious pizza. Get large charred rectangles of deep-dish Sicilian or a thin-crust chronicle by a cut or pie. Toppings are traditional, and specials are scrawled on paper plates taped to a walls. The usually unhappy faces are on newbies during a register realizing it’s money only.

163 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, 617-354-8275 


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At Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer’s South End enoteca, friends throng into tighten buliding for salumi, pasta, and glorious pizza. Crisp-edged pies from a wood-burning oven come in a handful of variations, from a elementary margherita to a white cake ornate with rootless pieces of bone marrow, beef heart, and uninformed horseradish. (Tipplers will conclude a Hang Over ‘Za served during brunch, with bacon, sausage, prosciutto, home fries, and dual eggs over easy.) Once comfortable nights return, share slices and a pitcher of Aperol spritz during an outside list and watch a area go by.

253 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, 617-391-0902,


Emma’s has been around underneath several owners given 1962, hopping from Revere to West Cambridge to Kendall Square, with fans following all a while. It’s easy to see why. Cracker-thin crusts are creatively surfaced and locally named, from The Cantab (bacon, potato, cilantro, dusty cranberries, sauce, and mozzarella) to The Click and Clack (artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, sauce, and smoked mozzarella). The cozy, laid-back grill is a ideal pre- or post-movie stop. But beware: There’s mostly a wait for a table.

40 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, 617-864-8534,


An old-school pizza parlor with few frills, a strange Ernesto’s operates out of a little storefront on one of a North End’s best eating streets. Part of a interest is a crust, chewy, springy, and addictive. Then there are a toppings, from unchanging cheese to eggplant ricotta to duck ranch. But a biggest draw — literally — is a distance of a slices, any a entertain of an 18-inch pie. A new location, during Assembly Row in Somerville, also offers gluten-free pizza and smaller cheese slices for a kids.

69 Salem Street, Boston, 617-523-1373, and 641 Assembly Row, Somerville, 617-764-4194;


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“Organic” and “pizza” don’t mostly go together, though pies during Flatbread Company are juicy adequate to entice pizza aficionados nonetheless healthy adequate to prove picky parents. The mix is done from organic white flour with wheat virus restored, afterwards given usually a right lick of fume and glow in a wood-fired beehive oven. Kids’ birthday parties are outrageous on a weekends, maybe since a 1939 candlepin bowling alley is partial of a operation.

Michele McDonald/Globe file

Flatbread Company pizza with a side of candlepin bowling.

45 Day Street, Somerville, 617-776-0552,

Lane Turner/Globe staff

The wait in a constantly prolonged line during Galleria Umberto is always value it.


You never know whom you’ll accommodate in line during Umberto, from construction workers with swinging apparatus belts to orderly attired suburban matrons visiting a aged neighborhood. They are a North End cognoscenti who know how to find a simply ignored entrance. And they know that a wait in a constantly prolonged lines will be value it for inexpensive squares of thick, slimey Sicilian-style vessel pizza to devour during a Formica-topped table, ideally with a bottle of drink or a cosmetic crater of wine. Diners can also sequence panzarotti, calzones, or baseball-sized arancini. But a pizza is a point, and it’s been famous to sell out before a time Umberto closes a doors during 2:30 p.m. Cash only.

Lane Turner/Globe staff

289 Hanover Street, Boston, 617-227-5709


The pies during Newton Corner’s little Max and Leo’s, owned by matching twins Maximilian “Max’’ Candidus and Pantaleon “Leo’’ Candidus, are baked in a spark oven that reaches 900 degrees. The skinny dough, served burned and charred, shines best in a simplest form: a margarita pizza, lonesome with salsa done from tomatoes, mozzarella, and Parmesan.

325 Washington Street, Newton, 617-244-7200,

Lane Turner/Globe staff

Picco has turn a renouned South End hangout.


There are many reasons to adore this South End hangout: comfortable service, large qualification drink selection, and ice cream on a menu. But a best draw? The pizza, of course. It comes with a charred, ethereal crust, corpulent salsa that’s usually honeyed enough, and surprising toppings like chorizo with preserved chilies, red potatoes, and goat cheese. Strike adult a review with your accessible server, raise a cut (and a glass), and tip it all off with a bananas Foster sundae or other dessert special.

Lane Turner/Globe staff

513 Tremont Street, Boston, 617-927-0066,


Posto in Davis Square was a initial grill in these tools to be approved by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana as creation genuine Neapolitan-style pizza. The wood-fired oven (which contingency be no cooler than 900 degrees) guarantees a ideal membrane (baked no longer than 90 seconds): thin, somewhat chewy, frail on a bottom, nonetheless stretchable adequate to overlay and eat a libretto. The refinement of a season and hardness is best appreciated in a simplest versions, like a marinara with red sauce, sliced garlic, and Parmesan.

187 Elm Street, Somerville, 617-625-0600,

Lane Turner/Globe staff

A perspective inside a strange Regina Pizzeria in a North End.


There are Regina Pizzerias popping adult all over a place, though a North End strange stays a black of a empire. The 1926 pizzeria works kind of like a lambic brewery — nearly 90 years of leavening growth seems to give a mix a somewhat sour, formidable wheat flavor. Regina allows diners to mix that pleasing mix and sweet-spicy salsa with all demeanour of toppings, though hang to classics like sausage, pepperoni, or anchovies.

Lane Turner/Globe staff

The 3-pound Giambotta with all during Regina Pizzeria.

11½ Thacher Street, Boston, 617-227-0765,

Lane Turner/Globe staff

Homemade sausage and garlic pizza during Santarpio’s in East Boston.


Boxing memorabilia cover a walls, and a sausage and garlic pizza is about as pointed as a roundhouse punch. Tucked underneath a Route 1A overpass in Eastie, Santarpio’s dates to 1903 as a bakery (the pizza came later), and a area guys who wait on we have all been there for decades. Old-school pizza comes out crunchy on a edges, embellished with tomato sauce, and surfaced with usually adequate melted cheese. For a knockout punch of flavor, ask for additional garlic.

Lane Turner/Globe staff

Decidedly old-school pizza is on a menu during Santarpio’s.

111 Chelsea Street, East Boston, 617-567-9871,


The folks behind a Foodler smoothness app recently analyzed Boston-area orders to exhibit a favorite tastes.

1) Pepperoni

2) Mushrooms

3) Onions

4) Bacon

5) Sausage

6) Extra cheese

7) Green peppers

8) Pineapple

9) Black olives

10) Spinach

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