Car battery, or Bluetooth speaker? This vigourous brick from TDK shoots sound in …

February 8, 2015 - bbq set

TDK Life On Record (formerly only TDK) creates some solid-sounding Bluetooth speakers that are also built to take on a elements. The vigourous Trek 360 is another fun orator from a association that aims to yield a soundtrack for your daily escapades, in only about any conditions.

Shaped like a automobile battery, and ornate with a set of champagne controls that demeanour like they were plucked from a hi-fi complement circa 1991, a 360 is one of a quirkier speakers we’ve come opposite recently. Whether intentional or not, the design is only informed adequate to give GenX-ers a good shot of 90’s nostalgia, yet it also offers discerning control that’s singular in a universe of wireless sound. The vast volume doorknob on a front allows for tactile volume adjustment, and it also doubles as an EQ control by selecting a drum and three-way buttons on board.

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The extraneous of a 360 is built like a tank, and a bombard is also dash proof, and means to take on a sleet showering or two, yet we wouldn’t wish to plunge a speaker. The brick pattern might not be unsentimental for make-up a 360 in a suitcase, yet it does offer a purpose: hosting a full-range motorist during any of a 4 points to emanate 360-degree sound, only as a name suggests. A tiny subwoofer embedded in a bottom of a brick offers low-pitched drum that’s beefier than you’d design from a orator of this size, and while a sound isn’t intensely detailed, a altogether signature is transparent and present, means to tackle a accumulation of low-pitched genres with ease.

One obstacle is a battery life which, during 6 hours, is flattering walking in a stream Bluetooth orator market. Still, a orator is some-more matched for knocking around a house, by a BBQ, or poolside, definition a six-hour extent shouldn’t be too restrictive. Pricing for a A360 is set during $250 MSRP, yet a travel cost is mostly around $180, that creates it a good value and something to cruise for your subsequent Bluetooth purchase.

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