Carolyn Hart on a foodie trend of a summer: Texas barbecue

June 11, 2016 - bbq set

In Austin and a environs, it’s a elementary matter to find yourself a square of barbecue-pit brisket – there are even daily smokehouses trustworthy to trailers in suburban streets, dispensing ribs and brisket to lunchtime queues. But if we wish to prove a smoked-beef titillate in a UK, where do we go?

There are those restaurants, of march – in London, The Blues Kitchen, The Joint, Barbecoa and One Sixty have all been shabby by a Texan grill ethos: smoke, seasoning, meat. But they’re fancier – plates, cutlery, tablecloths – than a Texan joints, lacking their basic, informed jollity. 

You could build your possess firepit, deteriorate some brisket, afterwards fume it yourself, though happily for grill freaks for whom speed is a essence, one supermarket has worked out how to sell pre-prepared meat, formed on Texan recipes, that lets we do a final cooking in an oven. 

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