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January 9, 2015 - bbq set

The grill sight keeps rolling, and a latest opening comes from a group behind Company Cafe. Called Back Home Barbecue, it’ll open in a quirky plcae on Ross Avenue, where they wish to be by smoking by February.

The space they nabbed is a aged Yin’s Wok during 5014 Ross Ave., important for a executive plcae and commuter-friendliness. Yin’s was singular in that it was a Chinese grill on a belligerent floor, with a chateau for a owners upstairs; we don’t see that kind of pattern too often.

Company Cafe orator Jeff Wells says a strange devise was to make a space a executive commissary. But they motionless to shoehorn in a grill as well.

 The takeout window will interest to commuters on their approach home, so a grill will open with hours odd in a BBQ world: 4 to 10 pm.

“We’ve had a smoker during a Katy Trail plcae and enjoyed operative with that flavor profile,” he says. “And grill is really large right now. We wanted to get an event to try that realm, and set adult a improved smoking setup than we had during Katy Trail.”

The menu will have some basis — brisket, of march — and classical sides such as potato salad, collard greens, baked beans and coleslaw. But they’ll be charity some not-so-conventional equipment and techniques, as well, such as smoked duck breast (as against to a whole chicken), St. Louis ribs and venison-pork sausage.

“I’m a ‘green’ smoker,” he says. “I don’t consider we need to be chopping down trees to get good barbecue. We’re regulating a chip smoker, with timber chips smoked in H2O to emanate a smoke.”

They’re also requesting molecular gastronomy beliefs to their mac and cheese. “The mac and cheese is something I’m super psyched about,” Wells says. “We found this extraordinary way to emanate a possess cheese salsa regulating molecular gastronomy and cold science, with a outcome being a improved peculiarity cheese, though tasting as classical as if we done it out of a box.”

The space has a tiny dining room, flashy in a worn-in demeanour with rough-hewn recycled wood, where we can eat in. But they design a takeout-window setup will interest to commuters on their approach home after work. To that end, they’ll open initial with hours not common in a grill world: 4 to 10 pm. They’re also requesting for a permit to sell drink to go.

“We could really good sell a six-pack or even a singular beer, unopened, out of a drive-through window,” Wells says.

Company Cafe was founded in 2011, with a concentration on natural, uninformed fare; it drew a large following as a internal colonize in a gluten-free trend. It has dual branches, one on Greenville Avenue in further to Katy Trail.

Barbecue is a change of gait though Wells and his group are seizing a impulse to have some artistic fun. “It’s a small weird, opening a drive-through grill place,” he says. “Maybe we’ve mislaid a minds. But it’s an journey where we say, ‘Let’s burst off this precipice and see what we can do.'”

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