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October 19, 2017 - bbq set

A St. Joseph integrate is branch a adore for grill competitions into a food lorry business.

Corrie Sponseller started SS Barbecue 9 years ago, with her father Dan. The couple, who are managers during Triumph Foods, suspicion a association should attend in a grill competition it sponsors during a Apple Blossom Festival.

“We literally did terrible,” Sponseller said. “We used lighter fluid. We did all a things we aren’t ostensible to do. We usually baked dual proteins though it was a four-protein category. We didn’t know a lot about anything.”

While that initial time was a flop, it sparked something.

Sponseller pronounced a integrate schooled from online tutorials, videos and recommendation from associate grill contestants. She pronounced a few, with some persuasion, even common tip recipes.

“You develop from there,” Sponseller said. “You only confirm what we like and what we don’t like.”

In a final 9 years, a integrate has amassed a vast collection of ribbons, trophies and experience.

“I don’t like barbecuing, per se,” Sponseller said. “I only like being around people and feeding them and giving them a good dish and display them a good time and a party. We started smoking beef and that’s only kind of where we’ve continued to go, though we’ve been operative on a menu to enhance it so it’s not only barbecue.”

Operations have grown from roving contests and catering an occasional marriage to a entirely operational food lorry that’s prepared to go into business.

The Sponsellers picked adult their mint food lorry in February. The Oklahoma-based manufacturer of a lorry worked with a city of St. Joseph on a specifications and mandate to safeguard a Sponsellers wouldn’t have any problems handling their new side gig.

Their lorry was featured among other eateries during a city’s Trail’s West! festival in August.

“Marketing is tough,” Sponseller said. “We’ve been here for 9 years though we don’t unequivocally know anyone besides Triumph people. But everybody has been really supportive.”

The Sponsellers have been operative with a Center for Entrepreneurship during Missouri Western State University. That has propelled their dream from SS BBQ competing for prizes to a legitimate business.

Sponseller pronounced her long-term idea would be to do SS BBQ full time, portion luncheons and catering during a week. The integrate have even deliberate opening a grill though aren’t certain only yet.

“We work a lot,” she pronounced of their day jobs. “We put in a lot of hours. I’m 6 days a week and he’s 5 days. It’s a lot of time. Barbecuing and smoking is a lot of time. You don’t only put something in a oven. It’s a 12-hour cook.”

SS BBQ doesn’t have a set schedule, though business can follow a business on amicable media to know where a lorry is parked in a future.

For some-more information, call 816-383-2037 or 816-383-2036.

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