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December 26, 2014 - bbq set

The Chattanooga “Live” Music theatre continues to grow with additional venues, new, some expanding, and a few relocates.  Recently, Matt Busby led a Camp House relocation from Williams Street to MLK Boulevard at Patten Parkway. There was also a proclamation by Adam and Monica Kinsey of a expansion of an additional medium-size strain gymnasium to a Chattanooga Choo Choo campus, adding a Comedy Catch (relocation), adding bistros, sell outlets and other celebration in further to enhancing Track 29.

My seductiveness tonight was drawn to Mocha, it was a jazzy clarinet that opened a door….  where a food is good charity full dining, two beverage bars, a theatre with an considerable backdrop as if we are in Coolidge Park with a Southside night cityscape riverfront in the background. It was my second revisit to Mocha in a past few weeks.  The final visit was to locate adult with a really renouned internal Funk Soul band, The Power Players.  The rope has been voted Chattanooga’s best celebration band. The opening act was a New York recording artist Jocelyn Arndt, creation a stop while on debate in a South.  She will lapse to Chattanooga on Jan. 10 as Chattanooga “Live” Music presents Jocelyn Arndt with internal recording singer/songwriter Jordan Hallquist during Sugar’s Rib on Broad Street.

Tonight it was about a Jazz and Soul of Mocha Music… being on the Chattanooga “Live” Music theatre for several years on Brainerd Road. we have had a event assembly many of a internal bands and other nationally known bands who have played a Riverbend Festival, Nightfall Music Series, Southern Brewer Festival, Wine Over Water, Chattanooga OnStage events, LiveNation and more. The talent during Mocha tonight would hook many people’s ears to listen to a well-spoken jazz musicians and a moist romantic voice of a lady known as Ms. Courtney Reid.

Walking into Mocha, we greeted Sharon and saw a expansion as people entered for dinner.  The food is over a tip though a strain from a theatre was drawing people in too.  On theatre was a Mocha Renaissance Band. A theatre of talented musicians, we famous them with front male Frank Bumpass (who now switched to an alto sax) Sam Patton on honeyed keyboard, Jason Foster on his smooth bass, and a romantic drummer DJay Gates.

The Mocha Renaissance Band opening set featured some of a many electrifying jazz we have listened given Jazzanooga a few months ago. The rope was a perfect match for a lady scheming to take a stage… her voice listened in several groups, meaningful her several years as waitress and thespian during a Station House was finale in weeks she had already fabricated her band. My crony whom I have famous for about 3 years, Courtney Reid, takes a stage.

Courtney’s soulful sound, many locally contend she is a complicated day Anita Baker (AB was 8 times National Academy Recording Arts Science as one of the best RB outspoken performers).  My suspicion is we need to follow Courtney’s events on amicable media and make a indicate to attend one soon. Courtney grew up in Memphis, a heart of a opposite strain sector.  She found her approach to Chattanooga for about 3 years. The Mocha Renaissance rope is a house band for that investiture and was recently introduced to a rope by establishment owners Sharon Kelley.  In an talk Courtney points out that she sings customarily with her possess rope “In The Making”. She came to Chattanooga to find new avenues for her talent… a before historic restaurant a Station House was her strain chateau for 3 years until recently shutting to make approach for expanding developments of a Entertainment district flagged during a Chattanooga Choo Choo campus on a south side of downtown. Some of a songs Ms Reid achieved included  “I’m Saving All My Love” by Whitney Houston, “Tyrone” by Erykah Badu, “I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan, “Tell Me something Good” Chaka khan, and “déjà vu”  Beyonce cover song.

Mocha Restaurant Music Lounge relocated from Brainerd Road over a year ago to the stream site during 511 Broad St. (Phone 423.531.4154. found on amicable media Facebook and web during  Mocha strives to be a opposite form of venue, charity excellent food, drinks, dance floor, accumulation of celebration from “live” strain (jazz, soul, funk, rhythm  blues), on site DJ studio, prosaic screens LED TVs, and comedy stage.

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