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February 4, 2015 - bbq set

brewshine01.JPGMark AntonationDavid and Kristen Lewis behind their bar during Brewshine BBQ Tap House.
Kristen and David Lewis
Brewshine BBQ Tap House

3109 Federal Boulevard

For Brewshine BBQ Taphouse, Kristen and David Lewis took over a building nearby a dilemma of Federal and Speer boulevards that had recently seen a integrate of pizza places come and go; before that, it was a dive bar with a tiny theatre for live music. The open dining room and song setup appealed to a couple, yet their skeleton for Brewshine go good over a area grill corner — nonetheless in a city with a grill wickedness complex, removing a smoked meats right isn’t a bad start.

David Lewis takes his barbecue, and cooking in general, unequivocally seriously. When he was flourishing adult in Philadelphia, partial of a Polish-Italian family, there was always food being prepared. “And we’re Jewish, so everybody cooked,” he notes. “Everything we did — there were mixed courses. When we was fifteen years old, we was doing a Thanksgiving turkey for a whole family.”

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brewshine02_ribs.JPGMark AntonationSmokey pig ribs and boiled okra.At that age, he dreamed of owning a grill and operative in a kitchen, yet that early dream incited into a nightmare. “When we was eighteen, we got my initial pursuit operative in a kitchen, and we hated it,” he recalls. It wasn’t a work or a cooking that incited him off, yet — some-more a opinion of those around him. So he headed off for college in Missoula, Montana, where he switched to given bar. Food was still on his mind, and he took culinary classes in school. But he never warranted a degree, instead holding a pursuit as an oil-and-gas investment salesman and eventually starting his possess company.

“I don’t have anything to hang on a wall,” he explains. “But I’m 35 and I’ve already late twice. It’s partial of a approach we was raised. My father said, ‘It doesn’t matter what we do, as prolonged as we work hard.'”

David attributes his expostulate to do things right to a instance that his father set: “Dad worked dual or 3 jobs to give us a lifestyle that authorised us to go somewhere.”

And where does a Philly child from an Italian-Polish-Jewish family collect adult grill skills? Lewis’s adore of cooking and his do-it-yourself genius led him to a North Carolina crony and array master who was partial of a rival grill circuit and taught David a basics. Indulging his need to know, David also spent time in Texas and St. Louis picking adult tips for dry rubs, salsas and smoking techniques.

Business eventually brought him to Colorado Springs, where he met Kristen, a daughter of Polish immigrants, who had changed from Chicago when she was younger to sight as a figure skater. She became David’s accountant and a dual married, yet she also had dreams of using a restaurant.

The integrate changed to Denver in Jan 2014, vigilant on opening Brewshine; while David heads a kitchen, he says a grill is unequivocally Kristen’s baby, one that she designed for 5 years. Since their home is in a Highland neighborhood, they began scouting locations along West 32nd Avenue, yet they shortly satisfied that parking issues and tiny dining bedrooms were a normal along that stretch. When a former Illegal Pizza space on Federal became available, it seemed like a ideal fit. “I like a honesty of a space,” says Kristen. “I wanted kind of a chill, down-home place.”

With a space secured, David went to work perfecting his recipes. “I call it qualification barbecue,” he says with only a bit of a smile. “People who like grill tremble when we contend that.” What he means by “craft barbecue” is that he’s taken what he’s schooled from exploring a vital grill regions — a Carolinas, Texas, St. Louis, Kansas City and Memphis — and used it to make something he feels is unique. “There isn’t anything we use that doesn’t come from one of those regions,” he says.

Keep reading for some-more about Brewshine BBQ Tap House.

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Brewshine BBQ Tap House

3109 Federal Boulevard, Denver, CO

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