Deet’s BBQ set to open the 2nd area restaurant

March 24, 2017 - bbq set

Deet’s BBQ, whose owners began their business in 2010 offered grill ribs and sandwiches underneath a black-and-white mottled tent during a Perrysburg Farmers Market, has returned to a Rossford/​Perrysburg area.

But this time, a owners aren’t regulating a tent.

Deet’s BBQ on Thursday non-stop a second mark during 10000 Fremont Pike/​U.S. 20 in Rossford. Its initial is in Maumee.



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The family-owned business, that started as a catering handling and has only one grill on Conant Street in Maumee, on Thursday non-stop a second plcae during 10000 Fremont Pike/​U.S. 20 in Rossford.

And a owners, who have won several internal rib and BBQ competitions for their smoked meats, contend they have skeleton to do some-more Deet’s restaurants in a area.

“We unequivocally intend to open one or dual some-more in a area,” pronounced co-owner Trevor Dee- ter, a handling partner of a business, that is co-owned by Trevor’s father, Bob Deeter and his mother Lisa.

After 7 years in business, a Deeters motionless only in Dec that they were prepared to enhance into a bone-fide chain.

“It’s a seventh year and it’s tough to trust this is unequivocally happening,” pronounced Lisa Deeter, who runs Deet’s catering operations. 

“We wish maybe to put maybe 3 or 4 around a area. We’ll see.”




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Trevor Deeter pronounced once a family motionless it was time to expand, they began to try their options and cost, meaningful they had some following in a Perrysburg area from a farmers marketplace days.

The new grill seats 42, double a distance of their eatery on Conant. 

A grand opening is designed in about dual weeks.

Mr. Deeter pronounced nonetheless a family has not picked another location, it is looking toward Sylvania for a subsequent move, nonetheless there it has no calendar right now.

But discerning enlargement is now probable since a family determined a 3,500-square-foot blurb smokehouse/​commissary a year and a half ago in Holland.

It was built especially to supply a catering operations, though it became apparent fast that a operation was vast adequate to fume meats for use by adult to 4 restaurants, Mr. Deeter said.

“That place has morphed into permitting us to feed other stores. With barbecue, it’s such a niche product that we have to be really clever on a consistency,” he said. 

“So instead of doing a smoking during each location, we figured it would be best to do it all underneath one roof.”

The family hired 14 for a new Rossford grill and combined 3 some-more for a commissary.

“We still wish to keep a mom and cocktail feel and not have it feel like a corporate atmosphere,” Mr. Deeter said.

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