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March 1, 2015 - bbq set

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Since relocating to Northampton roughly a year ago, I’ve frequently upheld Marmaris BBQ on my approach by city and have always wanted to go in.

Whatever a time of day, it always smells illusory and everybody inside sounds and looks like they are carrying a good time.

So we am gratified to contend that, when we finally done a visit, it met any expectation.

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Functioning both as a takeaway and a restaurant, this insinuate Turkish barbeque corner in St Giles Street is set adult to greatfully everyone, with a choice of a loose and ethereal seating area upstairs, or a busier and some-more heady low-lit atmosphere of a grill below, all draped in outlandish Middle-Eastern emblem and alive with a sounds of Turkish song and a bustling kitchen.

Wanting to relax a tiny after a prolonged week, my beloved we opted for a cosy list downstairs and were offering drinks true divided from one of a accessible and courteous waiters.

Even after some time perusing a menu, conjunction of us could settle on only a singular choice from a preference of Mediterranean starters and operation of creatively grilled kebab mains, so we dived blindly into a three-course set menu choice (£20 per person).

The starter was a “mixed meze” served with a basket of flatbread, yet we were a tiny unhappy that, what we suspicion would be a normal accumulation of Middle-Eastern appetisers, indeed incited out to be a image of churned dips.

Nevertheless, it was a juicy preference of all a classics, including hummus, taramasalata and tzatziki, and a flatbread was warm, fluffy, easily seasoned and plentiful.

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Soon after, a categorical march – churned kebabs with rice and salad – arrived and was set down on a prohibited steel image in a center of a table; a courteous touch, that combined easily to a barbeque character of a cooking.

The inexhaustible course of beef unequivocally took centre theatre and enclosed ribs, lamb and pig shish and kofte kebabs and sharp duck wings. Each square was equally tasty and a knowledge of eating it was softened serve by being means to watch a cooks barbecuing skewers of uninformed beef over a barbeque of prohibited coals right subsequent to us.

Served with white rice, that was plain yet good cooked, cooking onion salad and even some-more flatbread, it incited out to be only a bit some-more than we could hoop – even notwithstanding a tiny starter.

Next was dessert, that came with a choice of possibly Turkish coffee or tea.

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Although a menu suggested a choice between baklava, ice cream or rice pudding, we weren’t indeed given a choice and were served baklava true away.

We both felt that 3 tiny pieces of fritter didn’t unequivocally consecrate a “dessert for two”, and would have been really hapless for anyone with a bulb allergy.

Luckily, however, it is one of my favourites and we both suspicion that this sold accumulation was a best we had ever eaten: somewhat warmed, slimey and delivered generally from a retailer in London.

The Turkish tea was served prohibited in pleasing normal eyeglasses and, when we were prepared to leave, a check came with a complemtentary square of Turkish pleasure any and a fun about a disaster my beloved had managed to make of a table.

All in all, yet we maybe wouldn’t have spent £20 any on a set menu – deliberation many of a categorical courses themselves are reduction than £10 – a food we had was tasty and it was a really beguiling dusk in any other way.

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With a fun and accessible staff formulating a loose atmosphere and a excellently baked fuss-free food, it creates for a ideal Friday night cooking with family or friends if we imagination something a bit different.

But it fills adult quick so book forward to equivocate blank out.

Marmaris BBQ

31 St Giles Street




VALUE: Reasonable

FOOD: Tasty, good starter variety

SERVICE: Fun and friendly

DISABLED ACCESS: Steps to both floors

PARKING: on St Giles Street

OVERALL: Great dusk out



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