Dirtybird BBQ brought a feverishness to Denver

September 16, 2015 - bbq set

On Sunday, Sept. 13, 2015, a Denver Broncos played a Baltimore Ravens during Sports Authority Field during Mile High, and apparently some football went down. But it was Saturday that loyal sorcery unfolded during Mile High, when San Francisco’s Dirtybird Records brought their world-renowned Dirtybird BBQ to Denver.

Dirtybird Records celebrates a 10th birthday this year, and tag owner Claude VonStroke curated a built lineup to showcase their signature character of residence music. It included Dirtybird players Mark Staar, Justin Jay, Worthy, J.Phlip, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke and special guest Too $hort, whose Bay Area character of swat complimented Dirtybird’s code of residence like peanut butter and jelly.

Speaking of peanut butter, there was a vast BBQ setup subsequent to a theatre where Grill$on (also famous by his Christian name, Grillmaster Wilson) dished out burger after burger, as J.Phlip threw down banger after banger to all a fans inspired for more.

As night fell, Justin Martin took to a decks to broach a bass-heavy set, and each singular chairman in a throng lost it. Although his BBQ set was some-more loose compared to his incredible, trip-inducing festival sets, it was ideal for a BBQ setting. After Martin spun by a collection of tag classics and dance building pleasers, he handed a reins over to Claude VonStroke.

When Claude took over, he took all Martin had only finished and incited it adult to 11. The throng positively desired it, too; it was hands-down a best we had ever seen a Denver throng conflict to an artist. There were people in hulk dance circles, people on shoulders and people entertaining during each second of his set. The best partial of it all, though, was a village that shaped by a vibes of a BBQ and a deficiency of a genuine theatre or lights. To put it in perspective, a Dirtybird BBQ is like a family reunion — if we could get down and unwashed and blast heavy residence song during your family reunion.















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