Dirtybird BBQ finds a new nest of fans in Austin [Photo Album]

May 25, 2018 - bbq set

The continue was sharp hot, yet a birdbath was icy cool, while Austin fans grubbed on tasty Texas BBQ and hard-hitting drum for a initial ever Dirtybird BBQ in a city. Located at a shining Circuit of a Americas racetrack where prestigious Formula 1 races typically go down, a usually competition function this day was a competition to turn a dirtiest bird in a bunch.

Walking in, a bespoke Dirtybird merch list was flocked by fans fervent to get their hands on a many sought-after object – a ATX Dirtybird BBQ pins done in partnership with a Austin eventuality producers, Real Music Events. Emblazoned on them, a skyline of Austin towered, and a boomtown in a background; a must-have object for any loyal Austin Dirtybird.

While balloon fights took off around us and folks were crowding a pool area, we were only in time to locate Will Clarke make some tailfeathers ferment with unwashed tech residence and jungle beats as his lane “Back to a Jungle VIP mix” with Justin Martin came opposite a speakers. Heavy hitters J.Phlip and Christian Martin took turns sweating out a throng with boa-constrictor drum on a Void orator system, a ideal for a start to Texas summer.

Backstage, Justin Martin prepped for his set by infiltrating a artist areas with some icy prohibited blasts from his super soaker. On stage, J.Phlip finished her drum blaster with a JM revise of “Music Sounds Better with You” by Stardust. 

While Justin illuminated adult a pyre, a EARMILK organisation took a mangle from a BBQ to check out a Dirtybird Karting championships, where Ardalan valid to be a Mad Max of a go-cart lane for a second time in a quarrel (Inaugural competition holding place in Ibiza 2013). Poor Worthy and Unikorn Fukr were left in his dust.

As a environment object descended in a distance, a newfound appetite was sparked into a circuitous birds’ nest with a final sets of a night. The building was fervent in Justin’s hard-hitting new lane “Glide” kicked in – a partnership between Desert Hearts conduct honcho Mikey Lion and Dirtybird buttress Sacha Robotti a ‘Filthy Flavor’ preference out of a gathering expelled before to a BBQ series.

Finally, tag boss, Claude VonStroke, rocked a theatre finale, and from a distance, it seemed as yet a whole group of newly hatched Texas Dirtybird fans had migrated to his stage. Fresh off of a set during EDC a night before, he gave a throng accurately what they came for: some damn dirty, dirty bass. 

The series of unreleased bangers laid down this day had my Shazam sharpened blanks and wasting my battery. At one indicate in a night, Cowboy Claude forsaken a lane styled with Eprom called “Grenade”, and a measureless grooving to a lane done a theatre tremble, and for a separate second we felt like this was a Kilauea tear until we regained fast footing. The celebration continued into a night during a after afterparty downtown since each trainer knows murdering a celebration low in a heart of Texas garners a quick death.

And so, a initial Dirtybird BBQ in Texas was utterly a success. Even a Birdmeister himself knighted his favorite BBQ set to play in a final 5 years. After this weekend, we can proudly broadcast Austin is a member of a Dirtybird Fam for life.

Check out photos from this year’s Dirtybird BBQ Austin 2018 below: 

Photo credit: Charles Moon


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