Eight Korean BBQ Proves That Korean Meat Innovators Are Still Hard during Work

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Eight Korean BBQ Proves That Korean Meat Innovators Are Still Hard during Work

I suspicion we had Korean barbecues all figured out, that I’ve seen it all. Last year, as we ate during Kang Ho-Dong Baekjeong in Buena Park, we detected a new form of cooking surface, on that a melting fat could leap into a good of beaten egg and spin into a biggest breakfast hasten on Earth. It had me assured I’d witnessed a best and presumably a final Korean-barbecue creation I’ll ever see. “What some-more could there be?” we suspicion during a time. “There couldn’t presumably be anything that’s improved than that.”

But after eating during Eight Korean BBQ, we satisfied that Korean grill is still a immeasurable limit with total opportunities for a new. we contend this given a dish we had was zero like I’d ever gifted before. First of all, a grill takes a name from a categorical attraction: a set dish that comes with 8 conflicting flavors of pig belly.

Eight Korean BBQ Proves That Korean Meat Innovators Are Still Hard during Work

This is a “Combo A.” Though there was a innumerable of other options on a menu, including reward cuts of beef and pig swell meticulously sliced and preened into a flower, everybody we saw systematic a Combo A. Also, this month, amid news that bacon reserve are shrinking and prices are climbing, Eight Korean BBQ is doing a conflicting of what you’d expect: It’s charity a bonus on a pig swell feast. Until a finish of February, a grill is indeed slicing a unchanging cost for a dish by 10 percent.

This creates it even some-more of a discount given a strange cost of $54.99 (as of this writing) is already a reasonable rate for Korean barbecue. The dish facilities 8 thick pig swell slices—each one coiled and spaced out on a specifically designed wooden paddle—and includes a large play of salad, forever refillable side dishes, a outrageous seafood meal with crab, and kimchi boiled rice that’s baked tableside. One Combo A can and will simply feed 3 people.

I saw this combo being systematic during list after table, all versed with not one, though dual gas burners—something else that distinguishes Eight from single-stove Korean barbecues. One burner heats a flat, rectilinear roaster set with a same lean as a George Foreman; a other burner simmers a meal pot. It’s one of many innovations in a grill that clearly has a pattern totally suspicion through. That griddle, for instance, is that sold figure given pig swell is zero if not prolonged and slender. And a stools? They incited out to be not usually seats, though also storage areas, with a tip entrance off to exhibit space in that to put divided purses and jackets. And when we asked for chopsticks, spoons and napkins, a server told us they were all in a drawer dark underneath a table. How convenient!

Eight Korean BBQ Proves That Korean Meat Innovators Are Still Hard during Work

But maybe a many endearing thing about Eight is that it’s a full-service Korean barbecue. This meant we didn’t indeed do a possess cooking. Our reserved server was there from a commencement and stranded with us to a end. She started by greasing a roaster with a white brick of fat, afterwards barbecuing pieces of tofu. When a tofu blocks took on some color, she piled them on tip of a towering of kimchi and sprouts that she strategically placed progressing during a reduce finish of a slanted surface. Later, given they were radically being boiled from a prohibited pork-fat run-off, a kimchi and sprouts incited frail and sweet.

Our server also refilled a 3 panchan dishes as most as we wanted, that enclosed a canary-yellow potato salad that again proves no one does potato salad improved than Koreans. Most critical of all, she rubbed all aspects of a pig swell preparation. She unfurled them 4 during a time onto a withering surface. She checked on them constantly until they rendered to usually somewhat crisp. And when they did, she snipped them with scissors into bite-sized pieces and invited us to eat them while they were still rippling hot.

Eight Korean BBQ Proves That Korean Meat Innovators Are Still Hard during Work

As for a 8 conflicting pig swell marinades, some—such as a red booze and black sesame—contributed benevolence and earthiness. But a law is zero can unequivocally urge on a just-grilled square of fat-gushing pig wrapped inside thinly sliced daikon and dipped in salt.

The kimchi boiled rice that a server tossed together in a second burner with what remained of a seafood meal came close. After she stir-fried a rice, she flattened a pile to rise a bottom crust. She afterwards finished it with a shower of grated mozzarella. The cheese melted to emanate a slimey pizza-fried-rice hybrid that I’ve not seen anywhere though here, that tells me that when it comes to Korean-barbecue innovations, we are still in a Golden Age.

Eight Korean BBQ Proves That Korean Meat Innovators Are Still Hard during Work

Eight Korean BBQ, 6681 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, (714) 522-0888; 8koreanbbq.com. Open daily, 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Dinner for two, $25-$60, food only. Beer, booze and soju.

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