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February 13, 2015 - bbq set

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — I’m fearful I’ve found a new addiction.

Though I’ve doted on Indian food many of my adult life, Choolaah Indian BBQ has combined a new dimension of delight to a experience.

For starters, Choolaah (the name plays on sanja chulha, a community Indian ovens of northern India), goes a prolonged proceed in demystifying a cuisine that many cruise one of a world’s many complex.

Any westerner who has undetermined over a clearly unconstrained and unknown options displayed on an Indian grill menu (count me among them) will pretty magnify co-creators Randhir Sethi, James Nesbitt and Raji Sankar for reimagining a cuisine in a stripped-down version.

The place itself is a converted vehicle dealership, remade to a subtly sparkling space. The vibe is energetic, with a techno arrange of kick pumping in a background. Technology plays a distinguished purpose during Choolaah, right down to a electronic hand-washer in a top seating area – though there are desirable reversion touches, like a integrate of community tables, one of that is surfaced with a laminate stoical of a repurposed booked.

When Choolaah is swarming (every time we visited) it’s VERY loud. A place done adult of lots of glass, tile and other tough surfaces, a multi-level dining bedrooms are designed for eating, not dining. Visually, a multiple of dim timber panels and ambiguous potion keeps a demeanour purify and light, nonetheless comfortable – all accented with confidant flashes of tone pleasantness of striking embellishments. (In spring, a glass-panel garage doorway will open onto square seating.)

Drawing on a Chipotle indication – name your mixture to emanate a image we wish – Choolaah skips a quasi-cafeteria food line. Instead, it’s transposed with confidant menu play and small, photo-illustrated “menu tour” handouts permitted as we enter a grouping area. Together these produce an easy-to-follow beam to pivotal options available.

Choose from among 5 mains (chicken; lamb meatballs; veggie croquettes; salmon, or paneer cheese, a kind of organisation Indian cream cheese – prices operation from $7.99-$11.99) afterwards name a proceed you’d like it presented. Plates, bowls, sandwiches and salads are all available. Some options embody one or some-more side dishes or add-ons. Or put together a image from a list of sides ($1.49-$3.49.)

Barbecue plates (to that those initial prices apply) are a many elementary in terms of saucing, mostly served on a side. For my lass excursion during Choolaah we chose a grilled almon, sustainably lifted in Canada, easily dusted with savoury spices and peep roasted to a tender turn.

Generally speaking, partial of a sorcery during Choolaah is that seasoning is rendered with a light hold – enhancing, rather than walloping, a healthy flavors of a centerpiece protein. Missing are a mostly overwhelmingly, pungently aromatic treatments that turn-off a Indian-averse set. That will doubtlessly provoke many who are familiar in a cuisine of India; for others, it could infer an permitted introduction, arrange of Indian 101.

I likewise enjoyed Choolaah’s chicken, tandoor-roasted to tender juiciness, and a smashing lamb meatballs, that also done a superb sandwich folded into a chewy turn of naan flatbread. For a richer and spicier approach, go for a Tikka Masala play ($8.99-$11.99) lavished with a tomatoey yogurt sauce.

Five-ounce portions of protein joined with gaunt cooking techniques and minimal use of combined fat produce pretty sustaining and low-calorie fare. Grab a duplicate of a vegetarian menu for a nutritive relapse of any dish.

If your bill allows a bit of shake room, you’ll do good to share and representation some of Choolaah’s side dishes. The palatable Chickpea Masala ($2.49) might remember curry, though a spices are opposite – comfortable with a spirit of benevolence – and produce a mellow, some-more peaceful flavor. Spoon it over a play of basmati rice ($1.49) for a ideal vegetarian entree.

(It’s easy to lift together a meatless image here. In fact, Choolaah offers a printed Vegetarian Menu with options in probably any difficulty offering during a restaurant.)

Pricewise, if we can keep your add-on to a Coke Freestyle fountain preference ($2.09) and one of a sandwiches ($6.99-$7.98) –  “just a right distance for me,” announced my immature adult son – we can get divided for around 10 bucks per person. Put together a bugger image (say, a image or bowl, a side or dual and a soothing splash or a fluffy Mango Lassi) and you’ll spend closer to $15-$17 per person.

Choolaah has “chain prototype” created all over it – and for that we contend bravo. It’s fun, family-friendly and affordable. And with food this fresh, made-to-order and gaunt nonetheless satisfying, a gastronomic stylings guarantee to make a symbol in a quick-serve food sector.

With all that, if India’s “exotic” spices still leaves we cold, during slightest calm yourself with one of Choolaah’s sweet, mellow Mango Lassi drinks ($3.49). You’re good to find it goes down proceed too quickly. (Members of a celebration elite a lassi, a yogurt-based smoothie, over a solidified Mango Kulfi counterpart, labelled during $2.39.)

And don’t skip a truffles (99 cents each) for a roughly one-ounce swig of pleasure: a double-decadent sip of chocolate intensity, in a smooth smoothness system.

Like a hulk lifted typography proclaims on one of a walls: YUM.

TASTE BITES: Choolaah Indian BBQ

Address: 27100 Chagrin Blvd., Beachwood

Online: choolaah.com

Phone: 1-800-459-8860.

Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday.

Prices: Appetizers, salads and sides, $1.49-$3.49. Sandwiches, $6.99-$7.99. Entree salads, $8.99-$9.99. Bowls, $5.49-$8.99. Plates, $7.99-$11.99. Desserts,  and entrees, $12-$24. Desserts and drinks, 99 cents-$3.49.

Reservations: None accepted.

Credit cards: All major.

Kids: Cheesy Naan Pizza; Nutella Sandwich and PB Mr., any $4.49 including choice of beverages.

Cuisine: Indian.

Bar Service: Beer and booze selections available.

Accessibility: Fully accessible.

Grade: * * *

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