Even More Barbecue: Billy Sims BBQ Touches Down in Edgewater

July 6, 2017 - bbq set

Billy Sims BBQ pulls into Edgewater this month.EXPAND

Food news tends to come in waves, either an overflow of Hawaiian poke, a group of new boiled duck places or new slices in a Denver pizza market. This summer seems to be a summer of grill news, with large names like Southern Hospitality shutting adult emporium or cult favorites like Cub’s Q and Owlbear announcing brick-and-mortar locations. Next up: Billy Sims BBQ, that will stoke a fires during 2001 Sheridan Boulevard in Edgewater commencement Jul 13.

Whether a name Billy Sims rings a bell or not substantially depends on how aged we are and what your favorite sports are — or if you’re of any age and occur to come from Oklahoma. Sims had a fantastic time during a University of Oklahoma as a using behind in a late ’70s, which culminated in a 1978 Heisman Trophy, and afterwards went on to give Detroit Lions fans something to remember for several years before a knee damage finished his career.

In 2004, he and business partner Jeff Jackson non-stop a initial Billy Sims BBQ in Tulsa and have grown a operation into some-more than fifty franchised outposts in 6 states over a past thirteen years. College athletes are mythological in Oklahoma, though if we grew adult there and somehow missed out on Sims a athlete, we substantially know Sims a restaurateur.

The grill sequence that bears his name has already gained a foothold in Colorado Springs, so a Edgewater plcae won’t be a initial one in a state, though it comes pleasantness of first-time franchisees Cody and Sharla Wright and maestro Dave Dunn, who runs 5 of a smokehouses in Kansas.

The menu during Billy Sims offers 9 kinds of beef smoked in-house daily, with a many intriguing being smoked bologna. If we wish to squeeze Billy Sims’s Heisman, we can: It’s a name of a three-meat sandwich pressed with smoked sausage, bologna and your choice of pulled pig or brisket. The rest of a menu is filled with football references; sides, for example, are called sideliners, and rib packages are named for actor positions — receiver, using back, full behind — depending on a distance of your appetite.

Billy Sims himself will be on site during a 1,800-square-foot grill on Jul 14 and 15 to pointer autographs, so move your sports memorabilia and designation books: You competence even get a Sims handprint in grill sauce.

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