EXCLUSIVE: King Barbecue set to open in Bantam + Biddy Avalon space

March 15, 2018 - bbq set

Chefs Shaun Doty and Lance Gummere will shortly open King Barbecue. The new judgment is set to entrance in late Mar or early April, and it will reinstate a Avalon plcae of Bantam + Biddy, one of a business partner’s infrequent Southern duck restaurants.

The pierce follows a identical predestine of Bantam + Biddy during Lenox Square, that Doty and Gummere sensitively remade in Jan with another new concept, ATL Taco.

King array master and handling partner, Carey Wise / Photo credit: Bob Townsend

Carey Wise, a longtime Atlanta cook and maestro of a kitchens during Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q and Grand Champion BBQ, will offer as handling partner and array master of a new venture.

“I’m vehement to be a partial of this,” Wise pronounced during a new interview, where he sat down with Doty during ATL Taco to speak about King Barbecue.

“I still have my Southern Links BBQ salsa and blended piquancy business, that is in around 400 stores in a Southeast. But it’s kind of crazy that Shaun and we have been in this business in Atlanta for 20 years and we never worked together before. That’s surprising.”

“I adore a fact that Carey has a excellent dining background,” Doty said. “Because if someone’s worked in a excellent dining environment, they know quality. And they’ll do things like improved sides, or they can do a whole-hog cooking one night. He has a kind credentials and imagination to do a subsequent turn stuff.”

“That’s going to go good with Avalon,” Wise said. “The uninformed sides and all a Bantam + Biddy customers expects, were going to be means to do. We’ll have all a staples, yet when open comes around, we’re going to have a lot of garden-fresh vegetables. And you’ll have salad options we can’t get in any other grill restaurant.”

Another partial of King Barbecue that will bond it to Bantam + Biddy is a brunch menu.

“Brunch has been a lynchpin of a success during some locations, and it’s been large during ATL Taco, too,” Doty said.

“When we take a smoked meats and mix them with Shaun’s biscuits, we’re only going to blow everybody away,” Wise said.

“I cruise myself a expert of biscuits. I’ve eaten a lot in my day, and a recipe Shaun and Lance created, I’ll put it in a tip that I’ve ever had in my life. Add some brisket and uninformed jalapeño preserve or pig with uninformed apple butter, those are a combinations we’re going to be means to emanate that we can’t find anywhere else.”

Of course, when it comes to a concerns of grill aficionados, it is all about a smoked meats. And Wise pronounced that’s something that will be good taken caring of, yet a character will be decidedly eclectic.

“If we have to call it anything, we call it a Georgia style,” Wise said. “Because Georgia is a mix of opposite styles. The brisket will be Texas influenced. The ribs will be doing are St. Louis cut, dry-rubbed gangling ribs. We’ll do baby backs substantially one night a week as a special.

“When we do a whole sow dinners we’ll do a North Carolina character sauce. We’ll substantially do a Carolina character pig sandwich with mustard salsa sometimes. we don’t one form of barbecue. we do a opposite character depending on a meat. The importance will be on a meat. The seasonings are going to be specific to a meat. And a salsas will be on a table.”

“It’s going to be flattering regionally specific, though,” Doty said. “Carey is a genuine Southerner, innate and lifted here. What he going to move is his practice of a South. And his viewpoint is genuine.”

Asked about a name, King Barbecue, Wise had a obvious answer. “Barbecue in a South is king,” he said.

Scroll down to see renderings of King Barbecue:


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