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October 29, 2015 - bbq set

Alternative space-rock contingent Failure take a theatre during a Music Box on Thursday.

Thursday 29
With their courtesy to prolongation and texture, Failure were/are a Pink Floyd of choice rock, a blank integrate to Muse, if you’re into them. Overshadowed by grunge radio, Failure had a brief though shrill run in a center ’90s (ahead of their time?), culminating with space-rock bauble Fantastic Planet (“Stuck on You,” anyone?). This year Failure roared behind with The Heart Is a Monster to some vicious commend and blurb success (for them…not, like, Muse success). Failure will title sets during a new Music Box (the aged Anthology), following post-core juggernaut …And You Will Know Us by a Trail of Dead and alt-rock twin Local H onto a Little Italy stage. Tons of tasty looking snacks and crafts during this place as well. we might dull a coffee can and strike this one like a boss…. After that, it’s got to be a healthy wander and a nightcap with Halloweezer during Casbah, yes?… Best of a rest Thursday night finds street-fest tack Shawn Rolf and his 7th Day Buskers kicking off a coupla shows during Java Joe’s that will be available and video’d for an arriving fifth Buskers disc…cholo-goth twin Prayers is flattering most a ideal Halloween authority on a internal front. They take a all-ages theatre during a Irenic…a integrate city blocks away, during Observatory North Park, prog-metal judgment rockers Coheed Cambria lay down The Color Before a Sun after prog-rock Jersey boys Thank You Scientist…while shoegazing Londoners Cheatahs broach a new Mythologies to Soda Bar after indie-pop Swedes Vulkano erupt.

San Diego’s ’60s-style beach-pop rope Teenage Burritos set it adult during Soda Bar Friday night.

Friday 30
If we knew what was so special about a King Khan BBQ Show, I’d bottle it and set adult a list during your area farmers’ market. No dual guys chuck down punked-up doo-wop garage stone like Arish Khan and Mark Sultan — Khan on guitar, a yowling, growling bad cop, while Sultan keeps it grounded with solid stroke guit, lockstep kit, and a good cop’s jukebox croon that’d get we to confess to anything. (I’m listening right now to “Why Don’t You Lie” off of their greasy treat, What’s for Dinner? and here comes a happy heartburn.) This year’s Bad News Boys recalls Dinner’s delectable, if undercooked flavors. Rocking, rolling, sock-hop strolling, it’s been one of my top-ten go-to annals this year. Fans of a brand, we will see we stagefront during Soda Bar Friday night after Khan Q’s In a Red labelmates and associate Canada rope Milk Lines and one of a favorite internal bands Teenage Burritos…. Else on Friday: Old Order (Joy Division tribute) and Ash Williams separate a goth-punk check during Whistle Stop…psycho-delic instrumental roller contingent Jason Lee a Riptides join a like-minded Tiki Creeps during Tower Bar…and post-punk Burger rope Together Pangea plays The Phage during Ché Café after Shady Francos.

Math-rock act No Knife reunites Halloween night during Casbah.

Saturday 31
Diana Death will be spinning a Halloween happy hour during Whistle Stop starting during 5p. Good approach to get set for whatever’s subsequent All Hallows’ Eve…then right adult a travel during Bar Pink — O, booooo! Looks like a Rocket From a Crypt gig sole out. The Heartaches are on that bill, too. Man, we snoozed on that one. What a suckwhammy. Gimme a minute…. Okay, what else? Up in a Heights Saturday night looks like fun ones: get your bar yield on between a Hideout and Soda Bar where internal bands will be covering a Pixies, a Cure, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Talking Heads, and Jesus Mary Chain…otherwise, we got No Knife during Casbah, where San Diego’s mathy post-core party will stone a reunion set after a Dabbers and Ghetto Blaster comfortable a room…and Night of a Shred wails during Bay Park bar Brick by Brick, featuring cabeza bangers a Shrine, Windhand, Elder, Black Bombain, Wofat, Danava, Bang!, and Monolord. we know, me neither, though I’ll gamble a costumes will be sick.

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