Festival Review: The 7th Annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ

March 26, 2017 - bbq set

Saturday Mar 18th during Kick Butt Coffee in Austin Texas, Altercation Records delivered another implausible day of punk stone fun during a 7th annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ.

I have been propitious adequate to knowledge a final 4 years of this eventuality hold any year in Austin during a South By Southwest Music Conference, and we have to contend it is substantially my favorite punk eventuality after PRB, nonetheless it in no approach compares distance correct to vital events like PRB or The Fest, a people during Altercation know how to chuck a party! First off It’s giveaway acknowledgment for all ages, there is giveaway BBQ and giveaway Beer for a singular time, this customarily final for a initial hour or so, during a initial dual sets, of that there are customarily 10-12 sets of extraordinary bands, half of that are code new adult and comers, others are dirty highway warriors who have been during it for years and customarily there is during slightest one aged classical rope or figure like Cheetah Chrome, Fishbone, or Sylvain Sylvain…This year there were no classical punk acts, we don’t know maybe they are removing harder to come by? This year a venue also altered from a Vortex to a smaller indoor venue called Kick Butt Coffee, during initial we was consider of a punk uncover of this distance in a coffee house, though Kick Butt Coffee is an tangible venue with a theatre and a full bar.

The place usually filled and by a 4th set it was mobbed with a throng spilling out into a parking lot, initial adult were The Glory Holes out of Memphis who do an all happy oriented Ramones styled cocktail punk that is unequivocally fun…Second to strike a theatre was Heels who are a unequivocally overwhelming twin who are arrange of like Lucero on speed…followed by New York City’s Jukebox Romantics who always put out a torpedo opening and this day was no opposite than a final few times we have seen them, super high appetite take no restrained punk rock…The subsequent rope adult was a new one on a Altercation tag who’s name it took me a notation to figure out; Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman, that if we don’t immediately get it is a hybrid of dual radio characters, Dr. Beardfacé from Scrubs, and Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock.This rope was new and engaging to me, a front lady Kerrie Trube has a unequivocally abounding voice that during some songs unequivocally stood out, we consider we will be conference some-more from them in a destiny as their sound and live opening matures…After that was another new rope on a Altercation register The Split Seconds from Washington DC, this competence be my favorite new act of 2017, The Split Seconds are a cocktail punk/retro punk rope who have a uninformed new sound nonetheless still lift on my suggestion of 77 heart strings, we unequivocally favourite this set…They were followed by The Hangouts who reunited for this show, we adore The Hangouts, we have seen them maybe 4 times and they are always good and we was stoked to see them reunite for this show…Next was Boston’s OC45 who do true adult Boston character punk rock, and they do it really good with lots of fist pumping whoa oh’s…American Pinup returned this year and as always delivered a unusual set, we don’t know if there is a improved voice in stone hurl than Lauren West? This lady we adore…I felt bad for a subsequent rope adult carrying to follow American Pinup though Houston’s Grizzly Band did not defect by any means, and truly rose to a arise with a torpedo alt nation set of their own, This is a rope that we usually have to see live during slightest once before we die…Mind Spiders were wow, these guys have a post punk garage stone vibe all their own…Then came From Parts Unknown out of Dallas whos Upright drum fueled set was breakneck and furious…And final in a lineup adult was F Woods of Mercury Radio Theater form Philadelphia PA who brought solo guitar gift to a BBQ that was unsurprising deliberation his unchanging furloughed alongside of The Dead Milkmen.

So there we have it a finish lineup, all in all one of a best shows we have been to, we watched all 12 sets and in all probity have to contend that a Altercation Punk Rock BBQ tender me once again, not usually was each rope great, though a brew of genres and a chain in a lineup kept it engaging and kept us in a assembly wondering what was next…Hope we can make it to series 8

Photo’s by Hot Donna

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