FIRST LOOK | Inside Michael Symon’s new Cleveland restaurant: Mabel’s BBQ

April 7, 2016 - bbq set

CLEVELAND — A pointer striking a heat of red declares “Eat More Meat” once we set feet inside.

Iconic cook Michael Symon is giving Cleveland another place to penetrate their teeth into his famous food.

Welcome to Mabel’s BBQ. It’s a latest to set adult emporium on E. 4th Street in downtown, nestled subsequent doorway to Symon’s obvious Lola restaurant.

Mabel’s BBQ, that opens Apr 11, is named after a bullmastiff Symon once had.

“She was literally a slowest-moving dog to ever toy earth,” he said. “You could time her with a calendar. If she started during a front doorway and we were giving her ribs in a back, it would take her 8 mins to get there. It’s a ideal name for a restaurant. She was one of a some-more special dogs we ever had. Barbecue is slow. The brisket takes 18 hours, roughly as prolonged it would take Mabel to get to a behind of a restaurant.”

Those comments came during a in-depth talk with Symon, who sampled some of Mabel’s BBQ ribs with WKYC’s Hollie Giangreco during a special hide look inside.

App users can see a print gallery of Mabel’s BBQ HERE.

“My faith on grill is if it’s great, it doesn’t need sauce,” Symon said. “All of a beef will come to a list but sauce.”

But a mustard-based sauce, that Symon explains as “Cleveland-y” will be available.

“They make Heinz ketchup in Pittsburgh, so there is no red grill salsa during a grill ‘cause that’s not what we do. … We fume all of meats over apple and cherry woods. The ribs take about 3 hours, brisket takes 18 hours, beef ribs take 15 hours. But when we get here a food will be on your list in about 8 minutes.”

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Also on a menu is Symon’s answer to Cleveland’s famed Polish Boy.

“There’s a reduction famous about Polish Girl. This is a spicy, smoked cheese kielbasa. It’s surfaced with chopped pig swell and coleslaw.”

Symon pronounced he has been articulate about opening his possess grill corner in Cleveland for 10 years, and has been operative on it for two.

What else is on a menu? Symon posted a design of what we can design from Mabel’s BBQ on his personal Facebook page. Feast your eyes on it next (app users can see it HERE).


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