Fredonia 68th Annual BBQ set for Apr 7

March 16, 2018 - bbq set

Exciting events are being hold all opposite a state of Alabama celebrating a 200th anniversary of a statehood!

Locally, a Fredonia annual grill has been hold on each initial Saturday after Easter in a ancestral Fredonia Community House given 1950. Fulfilling a criteria for a Alabama 200, this eventuality commemorates a stories of a people and a place in a many singular way.

Celebrate 200 years of statehood during this years Fredonia Barbeque on Apr 7th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM during a Fredonia Community House.

The Bicentennial Commission recognizes a Fredonia Barbecue as a subordinate eventuality that preserves and shares a story and stories. Every year, we respect those who began this annual tradition by regulating their birthright recipes and techniques to correct one unequivocally vast cooking of grill pork, Brunswick Stew, coleslaw, pickles, bread, and tea.

The deduction of this eventuality are used to say an chronological skill for a advantage of a city and destiny generations. This skill is indeed ancestral as it non-stop for preparation on Oct 6th of 1919.

After a propagandize had outlived a utility as an educational facility, a State of Alabama sealed a doors and students were routed to other area schools. As a result, a skill unsuccessful to be maintained. Windows were broken, a roof was shop-worn by weather, and a sharp-witted expansion of a panorama began holding over a building. This was unsuitable to a townsfolk of Fredonia, and something had to be done!

The State of Alabama deeded a skill to a Fredonia Community Club with a bargain that it would be maintained.

The deduction from a annual grill have been used ever given to correct plumbing, reap a grass, ascent a electric and wiring, repair/replace wood, correct shop-worn windows, painting, and other repairs.

However, usually this year, we have vital constructional support work in progress, so it is some-more critical than ever to lift income for a continued open use of this facility.

Additional reasons this building is critical to a Town of Fredonia are that it serves as a Town Council assembly plcae as good as a monthly Fredonia Community Club assembly place.

The building is open to a open and spasmodic rented for family reunions, family parties, and weddings. It is also home of a yearly Fredonia Heritage Day jubilee with clever educational and chronological importance in a festival atmosphere with arts, crafts, music, demonstrations, and discussions.

The grill has been a usually fund-raising activity privately for a upkeep of a roughly 100-year-old schoolhouse. For usually $10 per ticket, guest might sup in for all they can eat on Apr 7th.

Drive by use is offering for your preference as well.

Dinner is served from 5:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern during a Fredonia Community House located during 6160 County Road 222, Five Points, AL 36855 nearby a intersection of Chambers County Roads 267 and 222.

Tickets might be purchased during Belcher’s Jewelry in Lanett, during Antiques and Uniques in Fredonia, or from any Fredonia Community Club member. For information, greatfully hit JJ Frickert during 334-499-0115.

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