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Ding Dudes Surfboard Repair Shop now open in Huntington Beach

There is a new surfboard ding correct emporium open in Huntington Beach called “Ding Dudes” a emporium is located during 15559 Graham St (next doorway to a Future Fins building) The hours are Monday – Friday 10 – 6pm and Saturdays 10am – 4pm. Please stop by and contend hello and check out a shop.

The Ratopia Surf Classic and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team Up Again in 2014

All are acquire during a 10th Annual Ratopia Surf Classic, hold on Dec 20, 2014 during Torrance Beach in Los Angeles, CA. Join hundreds of internal surfers and village activists with 100% of net deduction going to a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Check out for some-more sum on a cause, entering the contest and intensity sponsorship opportunities. 

This year, a Ratopia Surf Classic will underline 7 singular divisions, including:
-Shortboard (ages 19 and up; $40)
-Shortboard (ages 14-18; $40)
-Shortboard (ages 13 and under; $30)
-Longboard (all ages; $30 for 13 and under, $40 for 14 and up)
-Women’s (all ages; $30 for 13 and under, $40 for 14 and up) -Costume (all ages; free!)
-Pie Eating (all ages; $10)

To enter a foe revisit this page.  

Morgan Wave of a Day Date Set

The 4th Annual Morgan Wave of a Day Expression Session watchful duration will start Dec, 23rd and interpretation January, Mar 15th on a South side of a Seal Beach Pier. With a new Northern Pacific bloat activity eventuality executive Chris Sardelis is carefree to find a estimable day to run.  “This Winter is arrangement promise.  We’ve already had a few days out there and a silt looks like a starting to set adult nicely.” The eventuality is an Invitational that facilities 20 internal surfers from a surrounding area will contest in a Expression Session all sport for a best tube float in a allotted 4 hours.  Last years eventuality that ran for a initial time was taken out by Huntington Beach’s Billy Hopkins. Billy threaded a tub on a classical Seal rise for $2K and a win. 

The Morgan Fundraiser is set to flog off this Friday, Dec. 19th during Coach’s Sports Grill from 7-8pm with a raffling of good product from categorical sponsors,  Harbour Surfboards, Katin Surf Shop, Inflight, Quiksilver. Surfboards on offer by Stamps, Chas, Bettis and McCabe. All donations will go to a Kevin Woyjeck Explorers For Life Association, Inc.

Moss Research Surfboards Opens Industry First Domestic, Eco-Surfboard Manufacturing Facility 

Surfer and craftsman Jake Moss and his group during Moss Research Surfboards are unapproachable to announce a opening of their first-of-a-kind, tolerable surf-craft prolongation facility. Joining Moss Research and his 18 years of knowledge in surfboard design, are Pat Quealy, a surfboard building maestro who will offer as Production Manager and Erik Derman, a seasoned videographer and editor who will take on a purpose of Visual and Creative Co-Director.

Following a launch of their Eco-Flex ™ record and initial line of sustainably crafted surfboards, Moss Research has finished a CSR (Company Sustainability Report) to benchmark their opening into a market. They have now stretched their prolongation to a domestic, 2,500 sq. ft. trickery located in Point Loma, CA.

“This is proviso one in formulating a initial ever resource-efficient, solar powered, eco-board building facility,” says Moss.

The trickery includes moulding studios, a lamination and phony area, arrangement and song rooms, photography studio, modifying bay, kitchen, assembly area and guest quarters. The group will also implement a space for producing and recording song for their videos, shade printing,
prototyping other products, fabricating repurposed art and hosting art openings events.

“We will accommodate and surpass LEED Platinum rating for a building. We wish a space, a play and a business practices to simulate a top grade of resonance, creativity, and sustainability”, says Moss.

In 2010, Moss Research Surfboards shifted a whole construction bottom to regulating domestically sourced, recycled and plant-based materials. “I was sleepy of regulating toxic, non-recyclable materials that outcome in diseased side-effects and a brief lived product that would eventually finish adult in a dump,” explains Moss. “The benchmark element routine for surfboard prolongation (polyester froth and enamel resin) is totally old-fashioned and irresponsible.

Petrochemical formed play do not nonsense with a environmentally disposed suggestion of surfing, nor do they offer surfers economically due to their evident erosion and designed obsolescence.” Because of these reasons, Moss motionless to pursue a element routine that would furnish a aloft opening and a some-more environmentally accessible product that appeals to a improved wisdom. The outcome of his office is a Eco-Flex ™ technology.

Moss’ Eco-Flex ™ play are comprised of recycled EPS (expanded poly-styrene) foam, plant formed Non-VOC (volatile organic compound) glue resin, healthy fibers, and repurposed aero-grade plywood. “Our routine yields a lighter, some-more stretchable and energetic house that is soft to humans and a environment,” says Moss. “This is a usually approach we are crafting play and a standards have to advantage surfers while appealing to a sensibilities as an environmentally-dependent community.”

“We are assured in a eco-boards we have been building and contrast over a past 5 years,” Moss states, “Our routine provides surfers with a better, lighter and some-more arguable choice to toxic, disposable, mass-manufactured surfboards and also a height to minister towards a insurance of a environment.” Moss Research will not usually furnish a possess line of eco boards, though will also enhance a prolongation in early 2015 to assistance other internal and globally eminent shapers emanate their possess line of eco-boards regulating a Eco-Flex ™ technology. Legendary San Diego shaper Richard Pavel has vetted a new record and will be crafting his line of eco-surfboard during a Point Loma facility. “These guys have proven a element routine that yields a higher surfboard during a minimized responsibility to a sourroundings and tellurian beings”, states Pavel, “It’s been a prolonged time entrance and we am totally on house with it.”

RVCALOHA: RVCA Takes Over The North Shore for The Triple Crown of Surfing

WHO: Members from a RVCA Surf Team included Makua Rothman, Alex Knost, Danny Fuller,Kala Alexander, and Beau Foster. From a Skate Team were Curren Caples, Greyson Fletcher, Josh Harmony, and Nestor Judkins. RVCA ANP Artists included Ben Horton, Kevin Ancell, Bert Krak,DMOTE, and Michelle Blade.
WHAT: RVCA, a tellurian lifestyle conform and appendage brand, was vehement to move behind RVCALOHA with a array of enchanting activities for fans to get a ultimate RVCA knowledge during The Triple Crown Surfing competition. This year’s RVCALOHA featured and distinguished a creativity of a ANP Artists.
The week prolonged knowledge enclosed a accommodate and hail with a RVCA roller group during a Pearl Navy Exchange, a Big Wave Survival Course with a few of The North Shore lifeguards, an disdainful BBQ with Action Bronson and a filming of a new part of Vice Magazine’s Series Fuck! That’s Delicious, a hiking outing to Waimea Valley with a RVCA Advocates and a giveaway unison during The Republik in Honolulu with Action Bronson, celebrating a launch of a Born x Raised RVCA Collaboration. The week finished with a relaxing day during a RVCA House with a Advocates where they examination a final day for a competition.
At a RVCA House directly in front of a competition, guest were acquire to watch a roller foe with a other advocates from a RVCA Surf Team including Makua Rothman, Ford Archbold, Kalani David, Alex Knost, Danny Fuller, Ellis Ericson, Kala Alexander, Betet Mertha, Tyler Gunter, Shane Borland, Beau Foster, and Jay Davis.
While others watched surfing, a RVCA Skate Team kept bustling during a best movement parks on Oahu. Photographers prisoner extraordinary shots of a group as they attempted out their newest tricks.

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