Fundraiser Set For Sherri Wright

September 13, 2017 - bbq set

Fundraiser Set For  Sherri Wright

Fundraiser Set For Sherri Wright

Posted: Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 10:22 am

Updated: 10:24 am, Wed Sep 13, 2017.

Fundraiser Set For Sherri Wright

Angel Solomon

The Semora Ruritan Club is hosting a BBQ Benefit for Sherri Wright.  Harold Blackard, a member of Semora United Methodist Church, and Dianne Yarborough, Sherri’s aunt and also a member of Semora United Methodist Church – are coordinating with a Ruritan Club and with a Providence Volunteer Fire Department to classify this account raiser.  

Dianne explains given a flyer for a BBQ has a pinkish cancer badge graphic on it.  “Sherri had breast cancer dual years ago.  In a Spring, she found out a cancer was back.  It came behind in her spine, brain, and shoulder.”  Dianne is really tighten to Sherri.  “I kept her when she was a child…Sherri comes and cooking with me each Sunday night.  She is like one of my possess kids.”  Sherri is also a Superintendent of Sunday School during Semora United Methodist Church, that means “she opens and closes a Sunday School and does a prayer.”  

Sherri will be branch 50 in December, and Harold says how “Sherri is always bubbly and never meets a stranger.  She’s always happy when we see her, and she’s genuine religious.”  Sherri is always assisting and doing for others, though now she needs help.  Harold says, “Sherri grew adult in a church.  We’re a tiny church.  We finally got Sherri to determine for us to do a benefit.  That’s how it all got started.”

Dianne explains how tough Sherri works.  “She works with her hermit Irvin and daddy Graham Dailey during Caswell Insurance, and she and her husband, Wallace Wright, house dogs.  She has 7 dogs.  She takes in all strays.”  Dianne is blissful to assistance with this BBQ advantage given Sherri “…is carrying to compensate for her chemo out of pocket.  Her word doesn’t cover it.”

Sherri was incompetent to talk to tell her story given she wasn’t feeling well.  Sherri has been going by deviation and chemotherapy treatments.  Dianne explains, “They did deviation on a mind and spine.  Sherri had an MRI Tuesday to see if a cancer is smaller.  Since holding chemo, she has mislaid a use of her right arm and palm and ever given she finished a radiation, her throat has been so sore.  She hasn’t been means to even eat soothing foods.  They went into her neck to do a radiation.  That’s given her throat is so sore.”

Sherri’s hermit is a member of a Providence Volunteer Fire Department, that is providing a beef for a BBQ.  Harold explains that a BBQ will be hold during a Semora Ruritan Club during 16393 NC Hwy 119 North on Sep 23rd from 4:30 – 8 p.m.  There is no set cost to get into a BBQ – any donations are being accepted.  Harold says that so many people have done era donations already.  People have given money, offering their time to offer food, supposing desserts for a wordless auction; and Madison Marketplace has donated other equipment for a wordless auction, as well.  Harold says, “Everybody wants to know what they can do to help.  Everybody in a village is pitching in.”  

Along with a tasty food: BBQ, slaw, baked beans, lots of dessert, tea, lemonade, and H2O – there will also be live entertainment.  Tina Kennedy, a Scott family, Dana Hunt, and Shannon Pointer will be providing a music.  “Weather permitting, we will have a party outside.  For a sleet plcae – we will pierce to a church.  It’s one eighth of a mile from a Semora Ruritan Club.  We wish it to be a large village outpouring.”  

To learn some-more about a BBQ advantage for Sherri Wright, revisit a Semora Ruritan Club’s Facebook page during or uncover adult on a 23rd during a BBQ.  Anyone wishing to present to Sherri Wright can also hit Dianne Yarborough during a Semora United Methodist Church.  Dianne is a church treasurer, and she says anyone wishing to make a concession can “make checks out to a Sherri Wright fund”.


Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 10:22 am.

Updated: 10:24 am.

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