GE during SXSW: tracking brainwaves during BBQ tastings and regulating a 12-foot smoker

March 17, 2015 - bbq set

SXSW: GE Researches BBQ, For Science

Two things conclude SXSW: philharmonic and smoked meat. GE’s managed to mix a dual during a BBQ Research Center. Just adult a travel from a Austin Convention Center, General Electric’s investigate arm set adult emporium with a 12-foot high sensor-laden super smoker and a bbq tasting room called Brain on BBQ. As we competence suspect, tasters wear consumer-grade EEG headbands (the Muse variety) to lane how their brainwaves change when eating tasty smoked meat, sour cole slaw and honeyed banana pudding. GE’s going to cave a information from any member to see if it can reap some useful discernment about a nuances of flavors, though unequivocally it’s usually a proceed for folks to see what’s going on inside their noggin while chowing down. The whole setup is meant to pull courtesy to a company’s RD efforts in food and neuroscience, and uncover that GE’s record can be leveraged to urge many any industry.

Speaking of tech, a smoker works a same as your garden accumulation pit, though it’s brimful with sensors that lane a feverishness in any of a 3 cooking chambers inside. Plus it marks a relations steam and a volume of fume issuing over a ribs, brisket and sausage contained within. That allows a array master to exam opposite meats, feverishness sources and amounts of fume while tracking things precisely in genuine time and, in theory, find a ideal multiple to broach usually a many tender and tasty meats. Of course, any taste is opposite — and any pitmaster will tell we that loyal soundness is unattainable — though a thought is to see if an methodical proceed can urge bbq. Let’s wish it can, since improved bbq creates a universe a improved place.

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