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January 22, 2015 - bbq set

Well this is a bummer. Hello My Name is … BBQ, one of a favorite food trucks-turned-restaurants, has motionless to close. According to a Facebook post this morning, owners Ryner and Cody Burg have motionless to “take a income and run,” finale their successful pulled pig operation this Saturday. 

We’ve been following a twin — who we gave a Critic’s Pick for Best Food Truck Couple in 2011 — given their initial days on a road. The Burgs started out in 2010 parking during Lowcountry Scooter on Savannah Hwy. and fast gained a constant following with their beer-braised pork.

In 2012, a business got a possess brick-and-mortar storefront during 616 Meeting St. leading a approach for other food trucks to set adult emporium like Cory Burke’s Roti Rolls that non-stop as The Green Door only a few months later. Though The Green Door sealed in Oct of a subsequent year, final month’s news of Ambergre Sloan’s Diggity Doughnuts attainment during 616 Meeting St. seemed to guarantee some-more truck-to-table success.

But a Burgs are apparently prepared to rip off a name tag, yet Ryner says a closure is bittersweet. “We adore doing this yet we also adore spending time with a family,” she says. “We’ve been so successful in a final 5 years — we’ve been on a Food Network and Travel Channel, we hardly had to advertise. We feel fulfilled.” 

The integrate devise to take a most indispensable mangle and have sole off a infancy of tools and apparatus for their business. And, shocker, a new grill is already formulation to pierce into their space during 616 Meeting St., yet Ryner couldn’t contend who or what it is. 

“We kind of only did a food lorry thing one day during a time and that’s what we’re going to do now, take it one day during a time,” Ryner says. “We’ve finished all we can do.”

Hello My Name Is … BBQ, we’re gonna skip y’all’s meatloaf biscuits. Thanks for a eats. 

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