GOODS | Mt. Pleasant’s ‘Chicha’ Set To Host Peruvian Summer BBQ Outdoors On Jul 16th

July 1, 2016 - bbq set


The GOODS from Chicha

Vancouver, BC | Join us for a fun all-you-can-eat Peruvian Street Meat outward summer BBQ on Saturday, Jul 16! There will be copiousness of assorted grilled anticuchos (Peruvian travel meat-style skewers), costillos de cerdo (Peruvian aji panca chili BBQ salsa baby behind ribs), Pan Con Chicharron sliders (crispy pig swell and carmelized yam sliders), Peruvian-style cooking grilled chicken, and usually about anything else we consider of fit for a BBQ.

There will be lots of good additions to a grilled meats, all from corn on a cob and a accumulation of salads to signature ceviche, empanadas and other Chicha favourites…plus picarones (Peruvian character donuts done with pumpkin and honeyed potato served with spiced sugar and pisco hiss couli). There will also be DJ’s spinning, lots of good internal qualification drink and cocktail specials! T

The celebration starts during 2pm and will go late. Bring your summer celebration vibes and your appetite. You’re going to need both!


WHEN | Saturday, Jul 16, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT) – Add to Calendar
WHERE | Chicha Restaurant



Modern Peruvian desirous tapas
136 East Broadway | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-620-3963
Web: | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


  • Sour | Chicha

    Sour | Chicha

  • Shelome | Chicha

    Shelome | Chicha

  • Pork Belly | Chicha

    Pork Belly | Chicha

  • Pollo | Chicha

    Pollo | Chicha

  • Paul | Chicha

    Paul | Chicha

  • Patada | Chicha

    Patada | Chicha

  • Macchu | Chicha

    Macchu | Chicha

  • Kumiko | Chicha

    Kumiko | Chicha

  • Divina | Chicha

    Divina | Chicha

  • Classico | Chicha

    Classico | Chicha

  • Allison | Chicha

    Allison | Chicha

  • Causaver | Chicha

    Causaver | Chicha

  • Kumiko, Allison, Shelome | Chicha

    Kumiko, Allison, Shelome | Chicha

  • Pisco Sour | Chicha

    Pisco Sour | Chicha

The People


Allison Flook: Owner/ Executive Chef
Shelome Bouvette: Owner/ Executive Chef
Kumiko Umeno: Owner/ General Manager
Paul Clark: Bar Manager

About Chicha


Chicha grill is a complicated Peruvian desirous tapas grill usually west of Main on Broadway in a Mount Pleasant neighborhood.  The plates move onward engaging new flavours focusing on a use of Peruvian ingrediants, splendid and eye throwing presentations, and are meant to be common among good friends and family.

Chicha grill was started and continues to be owned and operated by 3 friends and initial time grill owners Allison Flook (Executive Chef), Shelome Bouvette (Executive Chef), and Kumiko Umeno (General Manager).  Shelome and Allison have a story of story repeating and have worked in kitchens together time and time again over a past years; namely Lolita’s and a Alibi Room.  Kumiko never worked with these dual before to this try and worked in a attention for years before withdrawal 6 years ago to work in financial usually to come behind final year to open a new grill and journey with her friends.

The bar manager is Paul Clark before with a Cascade Room.  Paul creates all a cocktails, in residence infuses Pisco and in residence done syrups.  The cocktail menu changes seasonally and their is a opposite underline each day.

The booze list is done by consultant David Stansfield and changes seasonally.  The Spring/ Summer list is due to be out shortly and is approaching to offer a incomparable charity and branching outward South American wines and including some-more European and BC wines,

The grill is open 7 nights a week for cooking and late night (full menu until close); midnight Sunday- Thursday and1am Friday and Saturday and lunch Tuesday- Friday from 11.30am-2.30pm. There is talks of brunch function soon.

Fun things function during Chicha


Double Pisco Tuesdays: $5 double pisco cocktails. Choose from Chilcano or Pisco Sours.

Beer and Slider Mondays: $10 for featured 20 oz pint and dual sliders. Choose from fish, pig belly, or veggie sliders.

Allison Flook co-owner and executive cook is training and lifting income to take partial in this years Apron’s For Gloves Restaurant Rumble.

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