Horror film set given new life in Bastrop

November 5, 2016 - bbq set

BASTROP – A Cleveland integrate remade a fear film set into a newly abounding Bastrop business. The business, renamed “The Gas Station,” is charity visitors many some-more than expected.

“We offer BBQ and we have a fear present emporium and we have a cabin where people can rent,” pronounced co-owner Lisa Rose.

But a biggest pull is that a building was featured in one of a many iconic fear films in a final 40 years, a strange ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’

Rose and her father Roy were eyeing a skill for years. Lisa says ever given Roy saw a slasher crack in 1984, it’s been a partial of him.

After a few setbacks from a before owners they were finally prepared to sell, so a dual flew in from Cleveland and bought a building.

“We were fear fans,” Rose said. “And that’s because we did it and now we get to share what we adore with everybody else.”

The integrate invested $300,000 to repair adult a deserted property.

“The bottom 3 feet of a building was all ridden by termites, we had to collect it adult and reconstruct all a structure and afterwards move it behind down,” Rose said.

24 months later, a small wooden building is open for business and people are noticing. Every hour groups of people would be held gnawing photos out front.

Rose says this is a place where fans can indulge.

“We saw that film substantially we were kids, so you’re reliving your childhood,” pronounced caller Rebecca Eagan

Shalon Germanero is visiting a area from Los Angeles for Sound On Sound fest. She says as shortly as she schooled The Gas Station offering rooms, she jumped in her car.

“And afterwards we cancelled a before hotel reservation, and was like ‘Holy crap, they indeed have an opening today!’” Germanero said.

Whether you’re looking for authentic rigging from a movie, toys, wardrobe or BBQ, The Gas Station is pulling all a stops.

You competence even run into a 1974 “Hitchhiker,” Ed Neal, who creates warn appearances.

“Like each time we spin around, you’ll see a dilemma of a building or a pathway or wherever, that reminds we of what we were doing during that time,” Neal said.

The Gas Station non-stop their doors 3 weeks ago. They work 7 days a week from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and are located off of Highway 304 going toward Smithville.

To learn some-more we can revisit a business Facebook page, The Gas Station.



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