How to purify your griddle with an onion & some-more barbecuing tips from a pros

June 28, 2018 - bbq set

We’re kicking off TODAY Food’s Grilling Guide with consultant tips from chefs and grill masters from opposite a country. Starting us off with their go-to techniques are Megan Day, Loreal Gavin and Matt Abdoo. Day dishes adult tricks on how to purify and temp your grill, Gavin talks griddle prep and reserve and Abdoo breaks down a 6 manners of perfecting grilled kebabs.

Megan Day

“An choice to regulating handle brushes (that might leave tiny wires and pieces of steel behind) is rubbing your griddle grates with a peeled half onion. Allow a griddle to feverishness adult to a high temperature. Pierce a half onion with a flare and massage a cut-side down along a griddle grates. The onion’s juices will recover and furnish steam to mislay a pieces and charred on debris,” says Day. “Another fun griddle pretence is regulating a potato to magnitude a ambient feverishness during your cooking turn surface. Take a connected examine thermometer and a halved potato and hang thermometer by a cut spud, permitting a tip of a examine to hang out a other side. Place a cut side of a potato on a grate. This helps take a theory work out of grilling.”


Loreal Gavin

“Make certain your griddle is preheated. What does that mean? It contingency be prohibited adequate to immediately flare what you’re fixation on a grill,” advises Gavin. “I like to use a proposal potato cut in half to see if it’s prohibited adequate to get cooking. Cut a potato in half, and set it strength side down on a prohibited grill. Set a timer for 1 minute. The potato should have a slight griddle symbol on it and have simply been private from a grill. You can also use a pretence to locate a prohibited and cold spots of your grill.”

Gavin also recommends, “Before we get to grilling, it’s unequivocally critical to have all we need around we before we start cooking. If we need tongs, have them! If we can’t griddle though a splash in hand, we improved have one already made. Grilling is a large understanding and we don’t wish to forget something that will means we to have to leave your cooking station. A griddle should always be attended, even if you’re a veteran griddle master. You are literally cooking with glow and it’s critical to keep a sharp eye on it. With reserve in mind, keep a box of baking soda circuitously to pitch on a griddle if a abandon ever get out of hand.”

Matt Abdoo

“Kebabs are something unequivocally nearby and dear to my heart! Being half Lebanese and half Italian we grew adult eating them all a time and they were a tack during a summer. We would eat them with rice, uninformed pita bread and a cucumber and tomato salad done with mixture from my parent’s garden,” Abdoo reminisces. “The good thing about kebabs is that they are discerning to cook, super available to arrange a day before and your part options are limitless. It’s unequivocally common to make them with cubed chicken, beef and veggies. But lamb, pork, belligerent meat, sliced meat, organisation fish (like sword fish and tuna) and shrimp are also good options to jazz adult your summer prepare out!”


To ideal your kebab cooking technique follow these elementary rules:

Timing is everything.

Cook your beef and veggies separately. They have opposite cooking times, so in sequence to not scorch your beef and undercook your veggies, keep them on apart skewers. Even yet they demeanour unequivocally flattering to swap meats and veggies, it doesn’t prepare as well.

Prep ahead.

Assemble and marinate them a night before. This allows we to unequivocally boost a deteriorate of whatever it is we are cooking and creates it super discerning to prepare when needed. Marinades can be as discerning and easy as a pre-made Italian or Greek salad salsa or we can make your possess or even emanate a signature piquancy blend! Whatever flavors we like to eat, we inspire we to deteriorate or brine with!

Select a right skewers.

If we are regulating wooden skewers, really soak them during slightest an hour before skewering your beef to forestall them from throwing on glow on a grill. we find that steel skewers work improved and prepare a small faster since they control feverishness improved than wooden skewers. If we are going to make kebabs some-more than once a year, steel skewers are a good, inexpensive investment. For metal, make certain they are prosaic skewers, not round, to forestall a beef or vegetables from spinning or shifting around on a skewer.

Choose a right cut of meat.

If we are creation beef kebabs we really wish to use a some-more proposal cut of meat. Something like pitch is good for stews and prolonged delayed cooking techniques, though for a quick, high feverishness of a griddle we wish to collect something along a lines of tenderloin, frame loin, rib-eye, side beef or dress steak. If barbecuing adult chicken, breast is customarily a go-to, though thighs will outcome in a most some-more wet kebab as a breast can dry out quickly.

Control a temperature.

When cooking kebabs, set adult your griddle with dual feverishness zones. High- to medium-high on one side for withering and medium-low to finish cooking by though over charring a outward of a meats and veggies.

Don’t forget a flavor.

Try some finishing glazes and dipping salsas to accompany your kebabs. Just be certain that if we glitter your kebabs with something that is sweetened (like teriyaki or BBQ sauce) to supplement them during a finish and prepare them over medium-low feverishness so it won’t burn. Dipping salsas are also always fun to have with any kebabs. we adore to offer kebabs with garlicky lemon yogurt, tawny guacamole or sour Dijon and balsamic dip.

For some-more tips and tricks from TODAY’s devoted griddle masters (and a anchors!), download the special-edition beam right here.

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