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December 15, 2014 - bbq set

“Look during all these English dollars I’ve got y’all”

Here’s a fun fact we substantially won’t know about multi-millionaire rapper, comedian, writer and actor Nick Cannon: he has his possess code of ties. This is something he tells me unequivocally proudly, holding out a one he’s wearing. He turns it over and a tag says a various on Nick Cannon: The Collection in cursive script. “You like that?” he says doing a sexy/smug emoji face, “I’ll send we a box for your birthday.”
The devise for this interview was to get imagination food delivered to his hotel room, though after 5 mins of concern in a lobby, he pronounced he wanted a feel for a “real” London. Somehow it was motionless that we should all get a black cab to a duck emporium in South London. Nick was wearing a three-piece grey fit with purple trappings and relating lilac brogues, surrounded by a tiny environment of people dressed only as dapperly.

Most people know Nick from Wild ‘N Out, a MTV blueprint uncover where makeshift games are played with hip-hop stars and comics. But afterwards again he’s flattering many a Del Boy of showbiz so we competence know him as a film star, rapper, entrepreneur, record producer, tag executive, radio personality, new divorcee of Mariah Carey or only famous for being really, really famous.
We hailed a cab and he told me he was super tired. “Usually we wouldn’t splash caffeine though given being in London we splash tea,” he replied. “I’ve been connected this whole time. we have sugarine tea. Sugar breakfast tea.” How many sugars? “Ten. we always need 10 sugars.”
On a approach we chatted about his new uncover he’s here filming, a revamped chronicle of Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of a Rich Famous. On it he’s vital a life of a super-rich and stating back. “I’ve finished everything. I’ve tasted a world’s many costly hamburger, that is roughly $2,000 here in London during a place called Honky Tonk Bar. we went truffle sport in France. There’s a pig that finds them, trained to hunt them out.” we asked him if he attempted a truffle. “Yeah, of course. What? Have we never had like truffle pasta or truffle French fries?” Um, no. we eat many of my dishes out of microwaveable plastic.

Speaking of money, we asked him what he thinks about being garishly installed and doing a uncover questioning a lives of abounding and famous people. Let’s be honest, it’s bit like Good Charlotte singing about wanting to see celebrities vital on a street, when a members Benji and Joel are constantly bowling around Beverly Hills with Paris and Nicole, sinking JD from golden goblets. “Well, it’s opposite since I’m a bland abounding and famous guy,” he responds. “I can describe to all ends. we wasn’t innate abounding and famous – we still have a same genius as when we grew adult so we try not to be a whimsical spender like some of these posh guys.”

From there a review went like this:
Noisey: So, give us an instance of one of these posh guys?
Nick: Piers Morgan.
You don’t like him?
I can’t mount Piers Morgan.
I don’t like him either.
Then we have something in common. we worked with him for several years, and we boundary heads a lot. we have Twitter beef with him all a time.

What’s a many engaging thing you’ve learned from abounding people?
If we have income and can consider it up, we can have it. Even absurd shit. They only buy things since they have a money. But they have this attitude: hey, it’s my money, we warranted it, I’m gonna spend it.

If we could have something absurd what would it be?
I do have absurd things. we possess a span of dual million dollar shoes, with DIAMONDS!
Flashy. Do we wear them?
Only on special occasions.

What accurately do they demeanour like?
Diamond shoes. Google it.

Sounds like Liberace.
It’s improved than Liberace. Liberace never had dual million dollar shoes. He had rhinestones. we have diamonds. Tom Ford tradition diamond shoes.

Do we feel like a critical large dick actor when we wear them?
Absolutely. we am going to silver that phrase. we AM A BDP.

By a time it’s motionless he’s a BDP, we get forsaken off during a duck shop. People come over after a few mins and ask to take cinema with him. He’s happy to abet and gets down and unwashed with a poses. we confirm we should take a selfie to commemorate a outing and ensue to take a many stretched luminary selfie ever to see a retreat iPhone camera. (Seriously, demeanour into a stiff, passed eyes of a male who’s been approached by in additional of 50,000 people for a picture.)

We sequence food and Nick gets dual beef patties, gummy BBQ wings and French fries. It’s a lot, though he says he likes to fill adult before DJing and he has a set after tonight. DJing aside, he says he doesn’t unequivocally caring about his possess song anymore. “I’ve done a lot of income in music. Even as a DJ. But that’s always been a delegate thing.” Secondary to what? “I’ve always been a business male first. Now we can be so many people I’ve looked adult to: the Diddys, a Quincy Joneses of a world, and people I’ve admired, like Simon Cowell.”

I exam his Simon Cowell correspondence opposite a TV personification song videos in a dilemma of a shop. If we were Simon would we pointer 1D? “Um. we consider they seem like unequivocally good guys.” Enough said. Next is an Ed Sheeran video. “Now he is unequivocally talented. Really talented. Find me someone with a guitar that can write songs like that and we wanna pointer them.” So if any Sheeran wannabes are reading this, know this: a large dick player is looking for you. Next is 5SOS and in a comparatively diverting response Nick tells me he loves complicated rock, and Metallica.
Someone in a duck emporium unequivocally smells and it’s started to rain outside. Maybe we are carrying a authentic London knowledge after all.

Being posh won’t get we a demeanour during a genuine London. Maybe we should start with a train debate to cover touristy things.
Nah, we won’t even do a flute…the flube…the loop? Whatever it’s called. The tuba?
The tube? Too posh for that?
I’m not posh. we got in a taxi didn’t I?
A black cab is utterly fancy.
Oh really?
Yeah, we don’t unequivocally take them. Or during least, normal people don’t.
Oh. So how do we know how to get anywhere?
We use a tuba. Or we walk. Sometimes these black cabs don’t like entrance south of a river.
So, South London – that’s a hood?
Mmm, kinda.
So where in a hood are we from?
I was innate in Tooting.
Nick: So we’re kinda holding we home right now.
Nick’s PR: Nick took we for Jamaican food and afterwards took we home. You remember that.

I will remember that. Nick Cannon took me to a duck shop. He’s fun in genuine life, only like you’d wish a comedian would be. Just with a butt-load some-more income and a somewhat concerned aura, that substantially comes from a fact that he’s had 0 sleep, a bucket of ten-sugar teas, a crazy work report and he’s on a behind 9 of a flattering publicised divorce.
We spend a residue of a South London time together with him displaying his lilac brogues for me. He’s unequivocally unequivocally unapproachable of them and so he should be, they’re jazzy. Once a food had come, it was time for Nick’s snooze behind during a hotel before an early morning as DJ Nick Cannon. He and his environment went, into a swift of black cabs, withdrawal me cold and wet, holding bags of Jamaican food on a pavement, environment off to locate a tuba.


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