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The Little Mosque on a Prairie cast. Image pleasantness of a CBC.

In a arise of a horrific Charlie Hebdo conflict in Paris this week, people are seeking because Muslims can’t take a joke.

It’s a doubt I’ve spasmodic asked myself. As a womanlike Muslim comic, I’ve gifted a hurdles of mixing Islam and humor. When my Canadian radio uncover “Little Mosque on a Prairie” initial aired in 2006, we faced indignant reactions. My mosque petitioned to have me removed.

But we know, too, that Muslim-inspired comedians, striking novels, radio and films are abounding in Muslim countries and in a West. It’s a pointer of a village entrance of age, exploring a outdoor boundary of what is religiously acceptable.

 * * * 

I grew adult in Brampton, Ontario, in a unequivocally regressive eremite family. After being deserted from the University of Toronto’s medical school, we motionless to helper my passion for comedy.

I made several satirical films about Muslims and terrorism, including a brief filmBBQ Muslims.” They were good perceived during film festivals, that spurred me on. So, we pitched a radio uncover to a CBC about a Toronto counsel named Amaar Rashid. In “Little Mosque on a Prairie,” Rashid gives adult his friendly law career to turn a poverty-stricken imam, regulating an makeshift mosque within a church in a little city of Mercy, Saskatchewan.

Before we motionless to pierce forward,  I wanted some eremite guidance. Was creation this uncover religiously acceptable?

As a Sunni Muslim, there’s no executive management to deliberate (unlike Catholics, who have a Pope). Muslims can follow a opinions of scholars or make adult our own rules. Often, if we’re not sure, we’ll deliberate a academician or imam.

But these scholars are used to nonsensical questions like “Can we eat marshmallows if a gelatin is pork-based?” The unequivocally thought of a Muslim lady formulating a sitcom about Muslims baffled my advisers. Could we not make a documentary instead? Or a uncover with puppets?

I couldn’t get a loyal answer from anyone, so we did my possess research. I couldn’t find anything in a Qur’an or a hadith on comedy. In fact, there are stories of a Prophet Muhammad shouting during unsentimental jokes played by his companions and joking himself with his family. And a lot of verses in a Qur’an advise reasonable visualisation when going about life.

So we employed mine. As a practicing Muslim, we was worried creation fun of a prophets or a divine. But we did wish to make fun of Muslims. Narrow-minded, congenital group (whose equivalents exist in all communities) were a scandal of my existence; we wanted to poke fun during their pardonable obsessions.

Unfortunately, some members of my Muslim village couldn’t tell a disproportion between creation fun of Muslims and creation fun of Islam. After a uncover aired, we was quickly cursed during my mosque. Someone started a petition to have me private as a member in good standing; during one Friday oration a internal imam talked about how Muslims were not authorised to contrition Islam. Men yelled during my father to divorce me.

For a initial time in my life, we was fearful to be in a mosque.

* * *

It took me years to routine what happened. Looking back, we comprehend we done some miscalculations. My uncover wasn’t offending people’s religious sensibility; we was poking during their regressive informative sensitivities. But sometimes, it’s tough to apart a two.

In a initial season, a father and mom kissed in public, and menstrual blood was shown in a span of pants. Though Islam as a faith is utterly open about sexuality, in my village people acted as if we were broadcasting porn. My mom grew adult in a culturally regressive Pakistani multitude where discussions about durations and sex were taboo. Even regulating a husband’s initial name was frowned upon.

But my knowledge (and a knowledge of many Muslims of my generation) was different. My father and we lick and cuddle in front of a children. We plead sex preparation with them. we wanted to simulate this in my show.

In one segment, one of a show’s producers asked if a mom could splash her husband’s boundary in a mosque. we pronounced yes; we figured it was a private impulse between spouses. Later, we was asked to malign that stage during a Muslim discussion where we was giving a talk. But we didn’t. we felt amatory function between spouses in a mosque was unconventional, for sure. But un-Islamic? Not during all.

Most mosques are set adult so that a father and mom could never have entrance to any other in a initial place. But during a time of a Prophet, women could promulgate simply with group during mosque and even mount adult to disagree with a statute they didn’t determine with. Some Muslims had done some of a mosques into places where adore and fun and party were forbidden. But Islam had not.

 * * *

Throughout a 6 years, “Little Mosque on a Prairie” addressed issues of sexism, extremism and racism. Conservatives continued to conflict what they pronounced was my try to “reinterpret Islam.” They attempted to convene antithesis to the show.

But people who didn’t like one week’s partial found themselves shouting during a following week’s episode. Gradually, we gained a following.

Soon Muslims started seeing that their non-Muslim friends were fastening with them over a watercolor. Muslims bury their passed confronting Mecca? You guys get wigged out by Halloween? Chaperoned dating?

By a time a third deteriorate aired, a village had stopped being worried by a show. Nothing inauspicious had happened to Islam’s reputation. In fact, a conflicting was true. People felt they could describe to their Muslim neighbors. My life started returning to normal, and we became a teenager celebrity. People stopped me on a streets to ask either a imam would marry his sweetheart, Rayyan, or would J.J., his regretful rival, take his place?

Even now, dual years after a uncover finished (we constructed 91 episodes over 6 years), Muslims come adult to me and ask when I’m going to emanate a subsequent show. we have to suppress a titillate to stifle them for creation my life a misery. But we grin sweetly and say, “One day.”

I’d be fibbing if we pronounced we wasn’t fearful during times for my safety, wondering if I’d ever have a same attribute with my village again. The mosque had been such a critical and lenient partial of my life flourishing up; we couldn’t suppose a life being ostracized from it. Occasionally, we wondered if it was all value it. But low down we know people saw “Little Mosque on a Prairie” for what it unequivocally was: a uncover that distinguished faith by comedy.

source ⦿ http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/01/09/i-made-irreverent-art-about-islam-it-took-a-while-but-eventually-muslims-came-to-love-it/

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