KLAQ Memorial Weekend BBQ Returns, Set to Take Over Wet-N-Wild Waterworld – El Paso Herald

May 26, 2018 - bbq set

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Splash 728

Local stone hire KLAQ (95.5 FM) is bringing a iconic Barbeque behind to a internal celebration theatre with a 3 day celebration during Wet N’ Wild Waterworld, located alongside I-10 during Anthony Exit “0”.

The eventuality will underline 3 days of BBQ competitions, sampling plates, live music, Sand Volleyball tournament, a Summer Swimsuit Fashion Show, a BBQ Beach Party and more. 

 Via a news release, organizers said, “Bring your ardour for a fun filled weekend as The Q rewards fans of Barbeque with 3 days of BBQ competitions, sampling plates BBQ Restaurants, food trucks and more.

The KLAQ BBQ started in 1986 during Magic Landing Amusement Park, only outward of city’s eastern boundary on I-10, featuring entertainment park rides, song and internal BBQ food from area restaurants.

In 1989, a eventuality changed to a strange Western Playland in Ascarate Park where it grew into an annual El Paso family event.

When Western Playland moved to a stream plcae in Sunland Park, New Mexico, The KLAQ BBQ followed. The eventuality ran for several years before a hire strike a “pause” symbol dual years ago – mostly relating to continue issues during a El Paso’s monsoon season.

However, this Memorial Weekend a smell of BBQ will fill a atmosphere via a largest H2O park in a Southwest – Wet N’ Wild, a thirty 7 hactare Oasis in a Desert facilities dozens of H2O rides, H2O slides, a call pool, rivers, coves, kiddie slides, and so most more.  

Saturday, May 26th features a Backyard Chef Competition where a array of backyard chefs contest for prizes and trophies. Sunday, May 27th features BBQ Restaurants and BBQ Food Trucks contest for cash, prizes, radio recognition, and trophies. While Monday, Memorial Day, May 28th it’s a Pro Chef Championships, where Pro Grillers contest for cash, trophies, and more. 

 A singular series of sampling plates will be sole any day for $10.00 with partial of a deduction going to a El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank. In addition, there will be a S’mores Station,  with all deduction going to a Food Bank. 

 Shiner Bock is sponsoring a unison theatre featuring a accumulation of a areas favorite bands, groups, musicians – and a Summer Swimsuit Fashion Show. Oasis Hot Tubs will be onsite showcasing their prohibited tubs, grills, and backyard seat – and during a finish of a weekend, one propitious chairman will win a ($2,500 Backyard Grill and Patio set?) from Oasis Hot Tubs. 

Prices to enter Wet-N-Wild are as follows:

48 inches and up: 24.99 and tax.

Under 48 inches: 21.99 and tax.

Toddlers 1-3 years old: 4.99 and tax.

Season Passes: 49.99 and tax. Season Passes current for all open days, including holidays, and Neon Paint Party.

Other fees during a park are as follows:

Grill Rentals: 14.99 and tax.

Tube let 6.00 (rafts and tubes for all rides provided).

Locker rental: 6 and 4 dollar refundable deposit.

Regular parking 2.00.

Tickets and passes also accessible during Circle K stores in El Paso, and Pic Quik stores in Las Cruces.

Wet ‘N’ Wild also offers organisation rates, indifferent areas, birthday parties, private cabanas, VIP Suites, and VIP parking. Go Online  or call (915) 886-2222 for some-more info.

Visitor can move their possess food and beverages, or eat during the Ribbit Café, however no colourless grills, potion containers or pets (other than use animals) are permitted. 


2018 Music Under a Stars Line Up Announced

The Museums and Cultural Affairs Department, in partnership with El Paso Live, is vehement to …

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