‘KTown Cowboys’ Wrangles a Different Side of Los Angeles

March 24, 2015 - bbq set

A film centers around a organisation of dysfunctional nonetheless friendly man-children perplexing to carve out a square of a American pie, set in a colorful, vivid hubbub of Los Angeles. If it sounds like another HBO bro-series, consider again.

“Ktown Cowboys,” a film that grew out of a renouned web series, only done a universe premiere during this year’s SXSW. It was co-produced by actor Ken Jeong and facilities a likes of Daniel Dae Kim, of Lost and Hawaii 5-0 fame; Eric Roberts; and comedians Danny Cho and Steve Byrne.

“Ktown Cowboys” is set in a eponymous Koreatown, a huge, sprawling Korean village set pound in a center of Los Angeles. Nearly dual decades ago, Koreatown witnessed some of a many aroused spasms of a Los Angeles riots. Today Koreatown is a calmer, if still dramatic, area home to large Korean BBQ spots, bars, and several tiny businesses.

The uncover is being compared to a HBO man-centric comedy Entourage, and likewise facilities a exploits of a organisation of immature group acid for complacency among a unconstrained rounds of karaoke and shots of liquor. Notable is a operation of Korean-American use represented: there’s a struggling comedian, a corporate soldier underneath review by a FBI, a wine store owner’s son, and a aggro barfly. Also featured are several Korean-American informative nuances, trimming from “booking” (a dance bar use with matchmaking undertones) to amicable titles that are during once deferential and flirtatious.

Koreatown’s mad appetite has frequently been a source of impulse for several creators fervent to constraint a chaotic lifestyle of immature Korean professionals. The existence uncover K-Town found some traction following MTV’s Jersey Shore wave, and was a some-more unapologetic take on a Koreatown celebration stage and a denizens.

“Ktown Cowboys” was created by Danny Cho and Brian Chung, and destined by Daniel Park, who also destined a web series.



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